Piers Morgan goes ballistic about the council workers who fined a five-year old girl

What silly billies

Piers Morgan may be a brash old grump sometimes, but he really does have the best interests of the underdog at heart.

And today was no different.

In spite of upsetting some viewers with his predictable sniping about Love Island during in an interview with voiceover star Ian Stirling, he won favour when he stood up for a five-year-old girl who had been fined £150 for selling lemonade outside her house.

Officers slapped the little beauty with the fine for running a stall without a permit which left the poor girl in tears.

Piers was raging about the fine (Credit: ITV)

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So furious was he at the story, that Piers vowed to name and shame the people who broke the little girl’s heart!

Even though the council involved – Tower Hamlets – have since issued an apology, Piers refused to read it out on screen.

The little girl’s father said that there have been positive things to come from the horrid situation (Credit: ITV)

The little girl’s dad Andre Spicer was on the show to share his daughter’s story and expressed how heartbroken she was.

But Piers was intent on finding out from Andre what the council officials looked like so he could hunt them down.

“I’m only asking because I really want to find these people,” he raged.

“I want them identified and I want to bring them to this sofa and I want to ask them what part of their brains – if they have any – would lead them to do this to a five-year-old girl?”

But despite Piers’s anger, Andre revealed that there were some positive aspects to have come out of the incident.

Piers demanded to know what the council officials looked like (Credit: ITV)

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Not only have they been invited to sell lemonade at another local festival at the end of the month, Borough Market have even invited her to come sell lemonade.

“We’ve had such an amazing response and I hope they can open this up to other kids around the country because it’s holiday time,” Andre said .