Piers Morgan goads Saara about Honey G: “She’s awful isn’t she?”

Good Morning Britain host was determined to get the X Factor hopeful to speak out

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan was at his pot-stirring worst as he looked to get a reaction about X Factor rapper Honey G.

He was looking to cause divisions in the X Factor house by goading Saara Alto to say something nasty about Honey G.

Piers pushed Finnish singer Saara, who survived a sing-off, to slate the rapper as she was forcing ‘talented’ acts off the show.

Freddy Parker was eliminated after the judges sent the sing-off to deadlock and he received the least public votes.

Piers pushed Saara to hit out at Honey.

He said: “What do you make of the fact, that it feels unfair that you have been in the sing off twice and Honey G keeps getting through?”

Saara was not being drawn on the matter though: “Yeah… I love Honey G, Honey G is great. I think she’s not a singer, she’s a rapper.”

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Piers wasn’t leaving it there though and asked Saara as to whether Honey G is good enough to stay in X Factor.

Saara said: “I think she is a personality, I’m not into rap singing I don’t really know, I can’t really tell. She’s great.”

By now though, Piers had his big wooden spoon out and was stirring for a sensational answer.

He goaded Saara, saying: “She’s awful really isn’t she?”

Saara only replied: “Is she?”

It was stalemate. Piers didn’t look like he was going to smash a crack between the X Factor finalists.

He has one more attempt though: “But how does it feel to be in the bottom two and Honey G considered to be better than you? It would absolutely kill me!”

Saara said: “I don’t think it is about who is better than somebody else… In music you can’t really tell who is better.”

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Piers argued: “But between Honey G and you, you are ten times better than she is!”

This may be the case but it seems that the Honey is going to continue flowing and there’s no singer in the finals that is going to stop her progression… for now anyway.

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