Piers Morgan gives update on search for the “scumbags” who robbed his son

Piers' son Stanley had his car broken into earlier this week

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Piers Morgan is still on a mission to track down the “scumbags” who robbed his son.

The Good Morning Britain presenter had revealed on Twitter that his middle son Stanley had had his car smashed and broken into earlier in the week.

Two men on a moped had smashed the window and stolen Stanley’s backpack, which contained vital study books which contained two years’ worth of work.

Piers had offered a reward for their return – explaining they had no value to anyone else – as well as a few choice words for the perpetrators.

And today he posted an update, to say the books had been recovered about a mile from the scene and returned to his son.

But he is still on the warpath, ending his message by saying: “My search for these scumbags continues.”

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Piers wrote on Twitter on Friday morning: “UPDATE: My son’s study books have been found & returned to him.

“The moped thieves dumped them in the River Thames a mile from crime scene, but at low tide, proving they are thick as well as nasty.

“My thanks to the lady who found them. My search for these scumbags continues.”(sic)

It’s the second time he has made clear his quest for vengeance, on behalf of his middle son.

After the incident, which happened at a Marks & Spencer garage on Talgarth Road in west London on Wednesday night, Piers had posted an angry message.

He vowed to find the people responsible for the crime.

“To the 2 scumbags on a motorbike who just steamed my middle son’s car at a West London M&S garage, smashed it up & stole his bag containing 2yrs of study work… I will find you.

“Consider it a promise not a threat.”

Some of his followers joked that he sounded like Liam Neeson in Taken, who makes a similar speech when his daughter is abducted.

And a few jokers tweeted him images of Piers making the famous speech, or with his head Photoshopped  onto Liam Neeson on the movie poster.

Seems they don’t take Piers quite as seriously as he takes himself.

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We can appreciate the effort, but we won’t be queueing up to see that sequel in the cinema…

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