Piers Morgan experiences instant karma after bad-mouthing Cher

The host was visibly annoyed at what happened

Piers Morgan made some nasty comments about Cher only to get a taste of his own medicine.

His Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid couldn’t help but laugh at what happened.

While the 51-year-old was in the middle of a rant about singer Cher, he scolded himself with hot tea!

Luckily GMB posted the moment it happened on Twitter.

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Looking annoyed, Piers said: “This is a new suit!”.

Well, that serves you right…

Susanna couldn’t help but laugh when Piers spilled his tea (Credit: ITV)

He was bad-mouthing the legendary Cher for her looks, outfit and singing voice after her performance at the Billboard Awards last night, when the tea incident happened.

Susanna burst into a fit of giggles and said that it was punishment for being mean to the 71-year-old star.

After an ad break, Piers was still trying to clean up his soaked trousers and took the time to check his Twitter account.

Obviously, people were over the moon that he embarrassed himself on live TV.

He told the camera: “Even though I just scalded myself with burning hot water, the nation is rejoicing! Isn’t that extraordinary?”

Piers was annoyed that Twitter users were mean (Credit: ITV)

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Then added: “Well, I’m sorry to have to tell you that I am not severely burnt. I’m alive and well and can only apologise for that.”

Hilariously, showbiz journalist Richard Arnold asked him if he was OK, only to start laughing at him again before Piers could even answer.

“That was boiling hot water as well. Steady yourself. No, seriously Piers, are you alright?” he asked.

Before the host could utter a single word, Richard said: “Like I care!”

Not a good morning for our Piers is it?

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