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Piers Morgan divides fans as he says people who refuse coronavirus vaccine ‘should be banned from flying’

Piers isn't holding back!

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Piers Morgan is tremendously excited about the new COVID-19 vaccine.

The Good Morning Britain host, 55, thinks it will help the world finally recover from the impact of coronavirus.

Pfizer announced earlier this week that a coronavirus vaccine with a 90% success rate has been developed.

However, it is projected to not be widely available until spring-mid next year.

Meanwhile, some Brits have shared their fears about receiving the vaccination.

piers morgan discussing the covid-19 vaccine on gmb
Piers is very hopeful about the new vaccine (Credit: ITV)

What has Piers Morgan said about the new vaccine?

Some are particularly concerned about potential side effects.

But Piers furiously hit out at ‘anti-vaxxers’ on Twitter.

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In fact, he said he thinks anyone that refuses a vaccine should be banned from flying.

And also denied treatment from the NHS if they suffer from COVID-19.

piers coronavirus vaccine
The vaccine claims to have a 90% success rate (Credit: ITV)

How are Twitter users reacting?

Addressing his seven million plus Twitter followers, he ranted: “To all the anti-vaxxer Covidiots predictably now screaming that they won’t have the jab, let me say this: a) If it’s approved then I will have it done live on TV. b) If you refuse to have it then no more flying for you, and no using the NHS if you get covid. Deal?”

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But his strong words divided followers, with many left furious at the former CNN host.

One Twitter user replied: “No Piers, this is out of order. I am not an “Anti Vaxxer”. Both of my children, as have I and my siblings all had all recommend vaccines.

piers morgan leaving ITV studios
Piers clearly has no time for ‘anti-vaxxers’ (Credit: SplashNews)

What has Piers said about vaccines on GMB?

“But you think that those of us who have concerns about it should be totally ousted from society? Very small minded.”

While another user fumed: “You don’t need to be an anti-vaxxer or a covidiot to be wary of a vaccine tried & tested in less than a year, with no insurance against any side effects, when even the experts say it takes 7 years of testing on average for a vaccine to be realistically ready for the public.”

But others rushed to agree with Piers. Including one, who shared: “Piers I’ll be at the front if that queue with you. The amount of people who are saying no is genuinely baffling the BLEEP out if me. I really really worry about the future of the human race with the amount of idiots around.”

Piers reiterated his sentiments on Wednesday morning’s GMB.

Here he said: “I say if you don’t want to have it, fine, but you’re not allowed to fly, because why should other countries take you if you haven’t had the vaccine?

“And I would go further and say actually, if you sign a waiver that if you don’t have the vaccine, you don’t get NHS treatment – job done.

“Not mandatory, but you’ve got to really think about it hard.”

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