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Piers Morgan divides fans as he says Brits have no choice but to endure more lockdown

Piers says he's had enough of lockdown too - but we must endure it

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Piers Morgan says Brits must endure lockdown until we have a dependable testing system.

The GMB star, 55, admits he’s had enough of lockdown too.

However, he says we must all persevere until there is a safe solution.

He even argues that if we were to all abandon lockdown rules, there would be ‘catastrophic’ results.

Taking to Twitter, the polarising star let his feelings be known.

Sharing in view of his 7.6 million Twitter followers, he penned: “Nobody wants a lockdown. They are miserable things that restrict our freedom & cause non-covid health & economic havoc.

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Piers urged Brits to endure lockdown for as long as it takes (Credit: SplashNews)

What has Piers said about lockdown?

“But without the ‘world-class’ testing system we were promised, but don’t have, the only alternative is to let the virus run free & that would be catastrophic.”

The UK is currently still enforcing social distancing rules, including the ‘rule-of-six’.

In addition, multiple areas are now in lockdowns of tier two or tier three, which involve far harsher rules.

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However, not everyone agrees with Piers’ stance.

Some argued that there are in fact other solutions available.

piers morgan
Piers has let his thoughts on lockdown be known to all (Credit: SplashNews)

How are fans reacting?

One disgruntled Twitter user argued: “Or just the vulnerable shield! If you are at risk why take the risk? An army of volunteers out there registered to help those that need! Stop preaching Piers I don’t think its necessary for you be going from station to station and building to building to promote your book either.”

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While another claimed: “Or just have sensible restrictions that means we can get on with life but are taking genuine precautions against the virus over the winter, it doesn’t have to be one or the other in terms of extremes.”

Whereas a third user argued that lockdown should be a ‘last resort’: “This is the worst kind of false equivalence. Letting the virus run free is not the only alternative to lockdown.

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Many Brits have had enough of lockdown and social distancing measures (Credit: Unsplash)

“We have many measures at our disposal such as mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing. Lockdown should be an absolute last resort.”

Although many seemed to be cross with Piers’ reasoning, a few did come out in his defence.

One even claimed he’d ‘nailed it’: “Absolutely nailed it Piers. You can’t limit what you don’t understand. Lockdowns are necessary when understand is lost. Track, trace, isolate, public attitude, behavioural change are covid normal. Each equally important. Lose control, lockdowns save lives.”

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