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Piers Morgan divides fans as he hits out at those who’ll refuse to have the COVID-19 vaccine

It's certainly a hot topic!

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Piers Morgan has divided his fanbase yet again as he mocked those against taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Good Morning Britain host, 55, shared a mocking meme regarding anti coronavirus vaxxers.

Addressing his some 1.2 million Instagram followers, he shared an image of a person wearing heavy make-up and with lips filled with cosmetic fillers.

The meme said: “I’m not having no COVID vaccine. Not having anything injected into me, you don’t know the side effects.”

piers morgan on gmb
Piers says he can’t wait for the vaccine to be available (Credit: ITV)

What has Piers Morgan said about the COVID-19 vaccine?

Followed with a series of emojis. The former CNN host captioned the snap with two laughing crying face emojis.

However, not all of his fans took his side. In fact, many said they felt it was outright wrong for Piers to mock those against having the vaccine.

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One user claimed: “Trying to stereotype the type of person who says no is a bit much, are we all not entitled to our own autonomy?”

While another user argued: “This is funny. But there is zero chance I am taking it. They are moving this vaccine along at a very fast pace even if it doesn’t feel like it. We won’t know the long term affects till it’s too late.”

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Piers has mocked anti-vaccine Brits (Credit: ITV)

How are his followers reacting to the joke?

They added: “It’s always possible there will be none but we don’t know that. If it puts people at ease to take it great but I will not. Just my opinion and choice.”

And another user claimed: “Botox has been around much longer than some vaccine they’ve knocked up in six months!! You test it for us Piers and see how you’re doing over the next decade.

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“You should maybe consider a couple millimetres in those laughter lines.”

Whereas a fourth user speculated: “What he is say here is, If you don’t want a rushed covid 19 vaccine you are in this category. Piers is definitely on the payroll…”

But others agreed with Piers, with many calling his observation “spot on”.

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For example, one user praised: “Spot on Piers, hilarious!”

And another user gushed: “Absolutely brilliant you hit the nail on the head. On that note the world’s gone nutttts.”

Piers has widely praised the new COVID-19 vaccine.

What else has Piers said about the new vaccine?

And he’s lashed out those against it across social media and even on GMB.

In fact, he even said he thinks those that don’t have it, shouldn’t be allowed to board a plane.

Nor receive NHS treatment if they do fall ill with the virus.

Speaking on GMB, he said: “I say if you don’t want to have it, fine, but you’re not allowed to fly, because why should other countries take you if you haven’t had the vaccine?

“And I would go further and say actually, if you sign a waiver that if you don’t have the vaccine, you don’t get NHS treatment – job done.

“Not mandatory, but you’ve got to really think about it hard.”

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