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Piers Morgan defends getting refund on £9 McDonald’s burger after furious rant

Looks like he got his burger back

Piers Morgan defended himself after demanding a refund on a £9 burger and fries from McDonald’s.

The GMB host, 58, was lambasted online after he admitted he was “hangry”.

Why was Piers Morgan ‘hangry’?

The kerfuffle began when Piers took to Twitter to voice his outrage at his Uber delivery.

Showing a picture of a soggy box of fries and double cheeseburger, he let rip.

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He wrote: “UPDATE: Cold, congealed & covered in Coke Zero which had leaked everywhere during the round-the-world transit.

“Nice job ⁦@Ubereats_uk⁩!”

It wasn’t long before this seemingly innocuous tweet angered some of his 8.4million followers.

What did the followers of Piers Morgan say?

One follower replied to Piers, saying: “[And] another thing about the likes of @piersmorgan…

“His £millions is the reason he is so angry that he’s bothered to take a photo of a burger meal.

Piers Morgan GMB
Piers Morgan wasn’t impressed with his delivery (Credit: ITV)

“What’s the point of having £millions if it can’t get you what you want, where you want it, when you want it, every time without fail.”

Piers was quick to respond, saying: “Mate, it was £9 and I got a refund when the delivery guy – who was very apologetic – reported it as late & cold.

“But what I didn’t get was a piping hot Big Mac when I wanted one and when @ubereats_uk said I would get one.

“So I’m hangry.”

What did Uber’s rival say?

Rival delivery service Deliveroo hilariously saw an opportunity to help Piers out.

Mate, it was £9 and I got a refund when the delivery guy – who was very apologetic – reported it as late & cold.

“Don’t want a hangry Piers Morgan,” its Twitter feed said.

“What do you want? We’ll send it over.”

Piers Morgan Spitting Image
Piers was amused by his Spitting Image puppet (Credit: ITV)

What else has Piers been up to?

Last week, Piers reacted to his Spitting Image puppet.

After seeing the puppet, Piers admitted it was just as hideous as he expected.

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“I’ve always loved Spitting Image,” Piers said, before demanding: “Why have you given me such an enormous set of chins!?”

Could it be because he’s been eating too much McDonald’s?

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