Piers Morgan has given Twitter fans his latest long COVID update

Piers Morgan declares long covid ‘sucks’ on Twitter as he continues to be affected

He caught Covid two months ago

In the latest Piers Morgan Twitter news, the outspoken personality has revealed he is still suffering with long COVID.

The 56-year-old believes he caught coronavirus in July as he attended the Euro 2020 final in London.

However, nearly two months on, Piers reckons he is still living with the consequences of his illness.

Piers Morgan poses at the TRIC Awards
Piers can sup, but he can’t taste what he’s supping (Credit: Splashnews.com)

Piers Morgan latest: What has he told Twitter followers?

Despite being double-jabbed ahead of the footballing finale at Wembley Stadium, Piers had admitted to being knocked about by the virus.

He previously revealed he was hit with a fever, chills and a violent cough.

Piers also said his bout with illness was the “roughest” he’d felt in his adult life.

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The ex GMB broadcaster has also endured issues with his vision, chronic fatigue and has lost weight, too.

However, Piers’ most recent health update concerned his sense of taste, which he has also previously spoken about losing.

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‘Long COVID sucks’

Reacting to a tabloid story about him celebrating his new job, Piers commented as he retweeted an article on Twitter.

He reflected on the headline which claimed he’d spent a “boozy night” in a pub: “Boozy? I only had one pint… and couldn’t taste it. #longcovidsucks.”

I only had one pint… and couldn’t taste it

But Piers’ response provoked further questions from his 8 million followers concerning alcohol.

Piers Morgan beams
Piers announced earlier this week he has a new job with Rupert Murdoch (Credit: Splashnews.com)

Why bother with beer?

Many fellow COVID sufferers tweeted about how they could empathise with Piers’ situation.

But others wondered why he would persist with drinking beer if he can’t taste it.

Piers replied to one such enquiry: “Feeling the sensation/texture of it is better than nothing. Just.”

His reply brought about a series of different reactions from fans.

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One person agreed: “I know the feeling. It’s a strange sensation in a good way. Not being able to taste it but can sense the texture.”

Someone else related: “Husband just said the same. He’s unable to taste or smell since COVID. He’s just tried lager, bitter and cider. Still nothing.”

And another person joked: “Who drinks beer for the taste? Just saying.”

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