Piers Morgan calls out supermodel for NAKED Christmas card

We wouldn't complain getting this one in the post!

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OK, so if we had a body like this then we would probably strip off all the time too…

Piers Morgan, however, did not appreciate this at all!

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Emily Ratajkowski, who has one of THE most beautiful bodies that the world has ever seen, has caused a lot of drama as of late.

The 25-year-old American model shocked her Instagram followers when she revealed her race Christmas cards.

It showed her completely naked, with just her hands protecting her modesty.

Obviously, there a were a few people that didn’t like it at all. Most men would LOVE a naked Chrimbo card from Emily, but Piers Morgan had something to say about it.

Piers shared the image of Emily on his Twitter account and launched into a scathing rant.

“All in the name of feminism!” he said.

“Way to go Emily, you shameless slapper.”


Hundreds of users swarmed in and criticised his opinion, with one posting: “Oh mate seriously do us all a favour and f*** off.”

Another added: “Do you know what feminism is?”

After getting it in the neck, Piers then uploaded a new tweet, and said: “Any woman who thinks sending naked selfie Christmas cards promotes feminism is as ridiculous as Emily Ratajkowski.”

Piers then brought Kim Kardashian West into the mix and said: “Women like [Emily] and [Kim] influence millions of young girls on social media. Their ‘naked selfies = empowerment’ message is BS.”

Talking to she said: “I took these photos over the course of the year on my phone and a disposable camera in spaces that are important to me.

“I’ve always been interested in the power of place and the idea of home and how it effects identity.

“These are sort of self-portraits in that way. They’re related to a series of collages I started in college around the same themes and aesthetics.”

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Well, then it’s pretty much art!

Surely that’s allowed?

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