Piers Morgan brands Love Island’s Iain Stirling a “melt” during rant on GMB

Piers is definitely not a fan of the show

With the Love Island final airing tonight voiceover star Iain Stirling appeared on Good Morning Britain live from Majorca to talk about the why the show has been such a massive hit with viewers.

Host Piers Morgan isn’t amongst the millions of fans who tune in every night to watch the ITV2 romance series and is no stranger to airing his feelings towards the show.

During a chat with comedian Iain, Piers took the opportunity to launch into another rant about the show while jokingly branding Iain a “melt”.

Iain appeared on the show to talk about the final tonight (Credit: ITV)

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Speaking about why the show is so popular Iain, 29, said: “Whether you’re a teenager or a pensioner you still want to gossip about people’s love lives and the show is that 24 hours a day seven days a week.

“It cuts right to the core of what we find interesting.”

But Piers, 52, was quick to hit back saying: “My kids love it but I’m worried about the role model impact on my sons who are 23, 20 and 16.

“Do I really want them thinking these women are the great aspiration for their romantic ideal?

“And for my nieces, do I want them looking at these blokes thinking ‘there lies the path of true love’?”

Iain is the hilarious voiceover for the show (Credit: ITV)

Iain, 29, replied: “I suppose that’s down to you as an individual. I guess you take what you will, I think it’s quite a good lesson in how to conduct yourself in relationships.

“It’s quite a good lesson to learn. People make mistakes but who doesn’t in real life?”

Piers’s co-star Susanna Reid, who has previously admitted she’s addicted to the show, told Iain: “I’m learning a lot actually. How to do dating!”

Holding his head in his hands Piers jumped in saying: “Oh my god. You can’t be serious.”

Iain then hit out at Piers saying: “Piers you’ve got to start paying attention. You’re getting mugged off!”

But Piers was quick to come back and showed off some of his Love Island lingo. He said: “Look mate, you melt! Watch it, you melt.”

Piers branded Iain a “melt” during a rant about the series (Credit: ITV)

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And his rant didn’t stop there. He continued: “How can you possibly watch these people? They hop from bed to bed every five seconds!”

Using one of the show’s famous quotes Susanna then told her presenting partner: “Let me tell you something you are 100% not my type on paper.”

But Piers didn’t quite get the joke as he asked her: “How do you know? What’s that got to do with the show?”

Susanna replied: “I’m using the lingo.”

“Oh I didn’t get that,” Piers added.

Piers expressed his hate for the show (Credit: ITV)

Wrapping up their chat Piers declared that he and Iain would make a charity bet of £100 that none of the Love Island couples will be together in a year’s time.

He told Iain: “I would like to bet you that none of these little wretched specimens will be with each other within the calendar year.

“We’ll have you back in a year. And I will be collecting.”

The Love Island final airs tonight live on ITV2 at 9pm.

Kem and Amber, Camilla and Jamie, Marcel and Gabby, and Olivia and Chris will all go head-to-head to bag the crown and of course the whopping £50K cash prize.

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