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Piers Morgan angers Instagram followers as they mistakenly think he’s on Italian holiday


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Piers Morgan stunned his Instagram followers with a picture that left them some fuming – and others gagging.

The GMB host, 55, shared a striking snap of an Italian deli’s selections – that included a massive octopus.

Sharing in view of his some one million plus Instagram followers, he took the opportunity to mock Veganuary.

He penned: “Mmmm… looks like Veganuary’s going to have to wait another year.”

Piers Morgan
While Piers Morgan ranted veganuary, his followers believed he’d broken coronavirus travel rules (Credit: SplashNews)

Piers can’t be doing with vegans

He tagged the photo to say he was at San Pietro Ristorante Italiano.

Several users posted their dismay, thinking the staunch COVID rule supporter had jetted off to Italy.

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One user lamented: “Italy from a Tier 4! And you have the cheek to rant and rave at people about COVID, all you so called celebs need to take some of your own advice!”

And another confused user asked: “How have you travelled to Italy?”

A third user ranted: “Sat there [bleeping] people of for months and you [bleep] off as soon as you go in to Tier 4.”

piers morgan mocks vegans on instagram
Piers was simply visiting a local food shop! (Credit: SplashNews)

Piers Morgan fans correct his critics on Instagram

However, a dozen or so additional users rushed to correct these mistaken followers, and point out that Piers was actually visiting an Italian food supplier in London.

Meanwhile, other users took the opportunity to scold Piers for mocking veganism.

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The Good Morning Britain is staunchly against the lifestyle choice – and even gagged when he once tried a Greggs vegan sausage roll live on air.

One user hit out at Piers with: “Once you make the connection between sentient beings and your contribution to animal cruelty, you may one day be ready for veganism.”

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And another user argued: “Very bad, Piers… while the oceans are being emptied of fish. No no no.”

A few users even advised Piers to watch the hit Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher.

The surprise hit shows an unlikely friendship develop between a diver and an octopus that lives off the coast of South Africa.

For example, one user wrote: “Everyone should watch My Octopus movie. You can’t eat an octopus any more than you can eat a dog.”

However, plenty of users saw the funny side to Piers’ post, and many agreed they would never go vegan.

With one user marvelling: “Looks delicious Piers. I could never go vegan!!”

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