Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid cringe as Honey G’s new single is played on GMB

The X Factor star has launched her own hip-hop label called 'H to the O music'

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were left speechless after hearing Honey G’s brand new single playing through the speakers on Good Morning Britain.

Piers, 52, was left with his head in his hands as the hip-hop track, Hit You With The Honey G, played.

Honey G has launched her own record label after being dropped by Simon Cowell’s label earlier this year.

Piers had no words after watching Honey G’s music video (Credit: ITV)

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The show’s showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold gave viewers a peek at the brand new song alongside a clip of the bizarre music video.

He told viewers: “After being booted off Simon Cowell’s record label earlier this year the rapper has created her own hip-hop label and has now launched an outrageous comeback single.

“Here’s your first look at it.”

The single will be released this Friday (Credit: ITV)

Turning to Piers he added: “Bet you can’t wait!”

But Piers and Susanna, 46, were left cringing at the short preview of the single, which is set to be released on Friday.

As the clip finished and the camera returned to the studio Piers could be seen with his head in his hands.

Richard, 47, said: “That was the sound of the summer and that’s me signing off possibly for the rest of the week.”

Bursting into laughter and patting Piers on the back he added: “Just a little treat love to lighten the mood. You’re alright aren’t you?”

Piers held his head in his hands as Susanna was equally shocked (Credit: ITV)

Susanna then said: “And, while Piers recovers, here’s Laura the weather!”

Viewers were equally amused by Piers’ reaction and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

One said: “I never thought @piersmorgan would be rendered speechless but Honey G has achieved the impossible #GMB.”

“Ha ha @piersmorgan face while seeing Honey G’s new Music video on @GMB @ITV #Priceless,” another tweeted.

“What in Gods name did I just witness on #GMB?? #HoneyG’s new single… BUSSIN???? Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat,” another said.

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A fourth added: “Definitely agree with @piersmorgan about honey g . Can’t believe she is bringing a song out #whatthehell.”

Honey G, 36, shared a video on her Instagram telling her fans to go and pre-order her new single yesterday.

She captioned the clip: “PRE ORDER MY SINGLE ON ITUNES NOW!! #hityouwiththehoneyg.”

In the video she said: “Yo yo yo this is your girl Honey G.

“Ok everyone it’s a big day today, my pre-order for my single goes live today – Hit You With The Honey G my latest single.

“So make sure you all go and pre-order it right now.”

She ended the video with her infamous phrase: “When I say Honey, you say…”

PRE ORDER MY SINGLE ON ITUNES NOW!! #hityouwiththehoneyg

A post shared by Honey G (@official_honey_g) on

Meanwhile on Good Morning Britain last week Piers and Susanna were left freaked out after interviewing a human robot.

Sophia the human robot joined the presenters on the early morning talk show with robotics expert Dr David Hanson.

But Sophia ended up shocking the hosts after being able to answer their questions.

Sophia’s creator David revealed he was able to make Sophia talk, smile and tell jokes through artificial intelligence.

David explained: “We’re working to make relationship machines that can understand us and then ultimately care about us.”

Piers and Susanna spoke to a human robot on the show last week (Credit: ITV)

But Piers was slightly freaked out as he said: “This is freaking me out, this is the nearest thing to a human I’ve ever seen in robot form.

“You’re a little freak, aren’t you?”

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