Matt Hancock

Piers Morgan and Matt Hancock face off live on Good Morning Britain

Piers took the MP to task over coronavirus

Health Secretary Matt Hancock joined Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain this morning (April 16).

ITV’s presenting pair grilled the MP over the UK’s coronavirus measures.

In a heated exchange, Piers called for the politician to admit Britain was not prepared for the global pandemic.

During the interview, GMB viewers were delighted to see Hancock “giving it back” to Piers.

The UK’s Health Secretary appeared on TV this morning to discuss the UK’s lockdown.

As an extension looks likely, many journalists are demanding an exit strategy.

Speaking from his home in North London, Hancock revealed the UK could not go straight back to life before lockdown.

The Health Secretary continued: “It far too early too early for that… We are just starting to see a peak in the level of transmissions and the number of people who are sadly dying.”

Matt Hancock
Matt Hancock and Piers Morgan clashed again on Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)

Questioned on MP Nadine Dorries’ claim that the UK could not leave lockdown until there is a vaccine, Hancock emphasised the stay at home message.

Susanna Reid asked: “There will be a relaxing of the lockdown at some stage?”

Matt Hancock replied: “I understand why people are getting into that speculation, but what really matters today is people stay at home where at all possible.”

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This enraged Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, causing him to fire back at the MP.

“If it is so crucial for people to stay at home to avoid transmitting the virus, why are we still having all of our airports open?”

The journalist continued: “Flying in from corona hotspots like New York, like Italy, like China…. without even a basic test.”

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Airport testing

The media personality was curious about people arriving from countries infected with COVID-19.

Hancock revealed: “We don’t test at airports. The number of people coming in has dropped dramatically.”

When asked how many people were arriving in the UK from abroad, Hancock explained it was up to 15,000.

Piers ranted in disbelief:  “15,000 people come into the country without tests? They just walk into the community?”

Matt Hancock
Piers Morgan slams Matt Hancock for being unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic. (Credit: ITV)

Was the UK prepared for coronavirus?

Piers became gradually more aggressive and the Health Secretary appeared to lose patience with the journalist.

Morgan continued by asking why the UK was not better prepared for the crisis.

He said: “Why is it we are still so behind on testing? Why were we so behind on PPE?”

Matt Hancock denied this: “We were one of the best prepared countries in the world. The challenge has been it is a new virus. ”

As Piers repeatedly interrupted his answers, the frustrated MP said: “Piers I came on the show to answer questions. You asked me about four questions in that series and I would really appreciate if you didn’t interrupt me.”

Piers shot back: “I would admire you more if you said you weren’t prepared. ”

It was clear to those watching at home that the opinionated presenter had met his match.

Matt Hancock quipped: “If you interrupt me again I will just keep talking.”

In a rare move, Piers did actually let Matt Hancock finish.

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“Battle of egos”

Viewers enjoyed this back and forth.

One tweeted: “Absolutely get in @MattHancock for giving it some welly back at Piers. He needs to understand to sit back and let people answer! Battle of egos and Matt handled that superbly! #goodmorningbritain”

Another agreed: “Oooh how sassy is Matt Hancock? Loved how he’s responding to the questions on @GMB#goodmorningbritain #GMB”

A final user added: “Not a huge fan of Matt Hancock at all but him giving it back to Piers Morgan is absolutely fantastic #goodmorningbritain”

Fans praised Piers

However, a number of Good Morning Britain fans sided with Piers Morgan.

Some enjoyed his passionate interview style and agreed with his criticism of the Health Secretary.

One tweeted: “@piersmorgan owned that interview on@GMB #goodmorningbritain”

Another added: “Loving @piersmorgan grilling the health secretary @MattHancock this morning Hancock is right up against the ropes #goodmorningbritain”

A final user suggested a new job for Piers: “@piersmorgan should be asking all questions on the daily briefing imo #goodmorningbritain”

This isn’t the first time the pair have clashed, during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Sunday, Piers Morgan, slammed Health Secretary Matt Hancock and accused him of not knowing the true NHS worker death toll from COVID-19.

The Good Morning Britain host, 55, took to Twitter to blast Mr Hancock following the daily COVID-19 press conference.

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Good Morning Britain is on ITV, weekdays at 6am.

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