Piers Morgan and Beverley Turner

Piers Morgan and Beverley Turner: Captain Sir Tom Moore drama explained

Their war of words has rolled into a second day

Piers Morgan and Beverley Turner have been at loggerheads this week following their drama over Captain Sir Tom Moore.

The 55-year-old Good Morning Britain host initially blasted Beverley when she revealed she wouldn’t be joining the clap for the war veteran after his death.

And it appears the pair are still at it.

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Piers Morgan hit out at Beverley Turner this week (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Piers Morgan and Beverley Turner drama explained

Their unlikely feud began on Wednesday (February 3) following a tweet from Beverley, 47.

The former wife of James Cracknell said: “Sir Tom Moore and his family did a brilliant job of raising £ for the NHS.

“It’s great that he lived to 100! It’s awesome that he got one last fab holiday.

“But I’m not clapping in the St to maintain the fear that imminent death is all around & we’re all in this together. We’re not.”

This is so pathetic!

Her post didn’t go unnoticed by Piers, who quickly hit back.

The host, who joined thousands of Brits in the clap for Captain Tom, replied: “This is so pathetic.”

Beverley then took to her own feed to let her followers know that he had blocked her.

Following the move, she wrote: “Must have touched a nerve as been blocked by @piersmorgan.”

Beverley hit back at Piers Morgan in Captain Tom row
Beverley has defended her comments (Credit: SplashNews.com)

In addition, she accused Piers of “manipulating” his 7.7 million followers.

She wrote: “I don’t think he liked the fact that it seems – by many of your reactions – that I wasn’t completely wrong… And he does not like to be wrong.

“Maybe he’s manipulating you all too? Just a thought…”

And the broadcaster didn’t end there!

Beverley explains her comments

Furthermore, Beverley wrote a lengthy article for the MailOnline highlighting her mains reasons for not clapping.

She also mentioned Piers, who she accused of sparking a “twitter pile-on” following her comments.

In the article, Beverley explained: “Personally, I find it impossible to view the events surrounding Sir Tom Moore’s latter days without looking through the prism of Covid-19, the government’s response to it and the various ways in which our country has been manipulated and controlled with no clear metrics to escaping lockdowns.

“I’m baffled by the fact that the truly vulnerable (in care homes for instance) are still not being protected from Covid-19.”

Captain Sir Tom Moore
Beverley refused to clap for Captain Sir Tom Moore (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Beverley went on to say that “every death is sad for someone” but claimed that COVID remains “relatively harmless” for the “vast majority”.

Furthermore, she concluded the post by thanking Captain Tom for his “outstanding impact in a difficult time”.

What’s the latest and did Piers respond?

It didn’t take long for Piers to have his say.

Earlier today (February 5), the controversial presenter retweeted a link to Beverley’s article.

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In addition, he wrote: “Still stunned by this. The clap for Captain Tom was just a mark of respect for a great man who did so much for this country.

“Nobody was forced to do it.. but to proudly boast of NOT doing it, for absurd covid-downplaying reasons totally unconnected to Tom, is truly pitiful.”

Despite Beverley’s comments, people up and down the country proudly paid tribute to Captain Tom on Wednesday.

The World War II veteran captured the nation’s hearts in the first lockdown when he raised over £30 million for NHS-related charities.

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Addressing the clap, his family wrote in a statement: “Captain Tom’s family are incredibly touched by the public’s suggestion of #ClapForTom this evening at 6pm.

“They will be taking part with huge love in their hearts for their father, grandfather and father-in-law.”

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