Piers causes storm on GMB over see through blouse comment

The mouthy show host pushed his co-stars buttons good and proper

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Oh dear! Piers Morgan doesn’t help himself does he?

And this morning was no different when he kicked off a storm among viewers.

When the show opened, the fiery host revealed that just before the GMB and gone live Susannah Reid had asked if her floral print top was appropriate for the show.

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“I’m slightly perked up by Susanna’s opening line this morning when she put on this dazzling outfit,” he recounted.

“She said ‘Is this too see through?’ to which the obvious answer was ‘not quite enough’.”

He then turned to Susannah and asked, “Can I say that at 6am?” to which his blushing sidekick remarked, “You can’t say that at any point!”

Viewers were divided by Piers’ comments with some poking fun at the newsman and asking him “if your shirt is see thru”, while others thought what he was saying a little bit on the sexist side.

“Talk about inappropriate @piersmorgan saying @susannareid100 top isn’t see through enough it’s like @realDonaldTrump & @billoreilly.”

Another poster reassured Susanna about her fashion choice and wrote: “@susannareid100 Deffo not see through susanna dont worry xxx”

Later in the show, when discussing recent Kim Kardashian beach pictures that showed off her curvy body and cellulite,  right-on Susannah urged women to “celebrate cellulite”.

But Piers disagreed and said “cellulite is terrible”

Susanna interrupted: “We seem to act that it is something terrible that shouldn’t be there where actually for most women it’s a fact of life.

“I think it’s refreshing for us to see pictures of Kim Kardashian where she doesn’t look quite so cellulite free.”

But Piers wasn’t having any of it: “Why would we celebrate it? We put up with it.”

“Tolerate it, accept it even. Flaws shouldn’t be celebrated.”

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Once again viewers were fast to attack the outspoken host.

One viewer raged: “How can Susannah put up with that man – he’s such an idiot!”

The conversation ended with Piers turning on Susannah and telling him her he thought her cellulite as hot.

Er, Piers?

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