Phillip Schofield’s primetime show AXED after ‘bad reviews’

Viewers slammed the show for being 'boring'

TV stalwart Phillip Schofield may have tried to put viewers under a spell with his hypnotising entertainment show but it seems that it just put them to sleep.

ITV have confirmed that You’re Back In The Room has been axed after just two series.

The show was meant to be all fun and games as a select group of ‘volunteers’ were hypnotised by Keith Barry, before undertaking a number of tasks with hilarious consequences.

The problem was that viewers weren’t finding the joke as funny than those involved with the show were hoping they would.

After some rather poor reviews, ITV have now pulled the plug on Schofe’s show.

Surprisingly, the show did reasonably in the ratings but it wasn’t long before viewers were calling the show ‘boring’ and reaching for their remote.

Even a click of fingers couldn’t bring them round and wanting them to stay with it.

A source spoke to The Sun about the show’s axing from the schedules.

They said: “The show got mixed reviews but not bad ratings at first but ultimately the balance between great names and keen people couldn’t keep going.”

It seems that there were problems from the point that it seemed difficult to persuade celebrities to be involved.

Unsurprisingly, many didn’t want to be embarrassed on screen for viewers on a Saturday night.

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Producers had to turn to the public mostly to be put under a spell, though they did manage to get some of the channel’s stars on there.

The source added: “They only really managed to twist the arms of ITV stars onto the show, with the likes of Joey Essex, the Loose Women ladies and the cast of Coronation Street all making an appearance.”

Viewers at home though were never entirely convinced that everyone was actually hypnotised, or whether they were just playing up for the camera.

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It has been made clear though that Phillip had actually been one of the highlights.

The source continued: “ITV thought Phillip did a brilliant job as host.

“His commentary was hilarious and he loved doing the show but he’s got some new formats coming up for the channel and sadly something had to make way.”

So, Phillip may not have kept viewers entranced with this show but it seems that there will be more to come from the This Morning presenter.