Kerry Katona with purple hair, Ruth Langsford and a nervous Phillip Schofield

Inside Phillip Schofield’s ‘feuds’ – from Ruth Langsford to Kerry Katona and Amanda Holden

The star has been accused of rubbing some people up the wrong way

This Morning host Phillip Schofield is at the helm as the first of the Platinum Jubilee coverage gets underway this weekend.

But while he also recently celebrated his own long career, the telly star has been plagued with feud rumours over the years.

Here, we take a look at the reported rows Phillip Schofield has had…

Inside Phillip Schofield's feuds - Ruth Langsford
Phillip and Ruth Langsford had a tense on-air exchange (Credit:

Phillip Schofield vs This Morning star Ruth Langsford

An awkward exchange on live TV led to a reported fall out between Phil and former This Morning host Ruth Langsford.

In 2019, the silver-haired star interrupted Ruth during a Loose Women crossover – and it didn’t go down well.

Ruth was busy telling This Morning viewers what was coming up on Loose Women when Phillip said: “Girls we’re going to have to jump in and stop you there I’m afraid because we’re a bit tight for time.”

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It was even reported that Ruth had made an official complaint against Phillip to show bosses.

Her husband, Eamonn Holmes, has since told the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine: “Phillip is renowned for snubbing people. He’s very passive-aggressive.”

Inside Phillip Schofield's feuds - Kerry Katona
Kerry Katona accused Phillip of ‘double standards’ (Credit:

Phillip vs Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona hit the headlines in 2008 when she slurred her way through an interview on This Morning with Phillip and Fern Britton.

The Atomic Kitten star was accused of being drunk but her speech issue was actually the result of medication for bipolar disorder.

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When Phillip grilled her on the way she was talking, Kerry told him: “This is going to be made into a huge publicity thing.”

The star later said she struggled to get work after the interview and accused Phil of “double standards”.

Inside Phillip Schofield's feuds - Kerry Katona
Kerry said she lost work after her 2008 This Morning interview (Credit: YouTube)

Kerry told New!: “Everyone thought I was [bleep]ed – which I wasn’t. So you can imagine how upsetting I find it when Holly and Phil came on the show hungover the morning after the NTAs.”

She added: “That to me just screams double standards.

“When you’re the king of ITV you can get away with anything – yet people think I’m [bleep]ed on the show and it nearly ruins my career. Funny that.”

Last summer, Kerry admitted she had finally kissed and made up with Phillip.

“I mean I get on great with Phillip now, and he’s been absolutely lovely,” she said in a podcast interview.

Inside Phillip Schofield's feuds - Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden has remained tight-lipped about her rumoured feud with Phil (Credit:

Phillip Schofield vs This Morning stand-in Amanda Holden

In 2015, Amanda Holden co-hosted This Morning with Phillip while Holly Willoughby was on maternity leave.

But he later described his temporary co-host as “scary”.

Three years later, reports claimed Phillip had influenced a decision on who should replace Holly while she was in Australia for I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here!.

The Sun claimed Amanda was in the running but the offer was suddenly withdrawn by ITV bosses.

Inside Phillip Schofield's feuds - Amanda Holden
Phillip reportedly described Amanda as ‘scary’ (Credit: YouTube)

Phillip strongly denied the claims, tweeting: “When you try for 35 years to be the easiest, most fun person to work with and you read such hurtful and wildly untrue stories from nameless ‘sources’.

“Obviously I’ll take it on the chin..I just hope you know me better.”

Amanda has never openly addressed the feud claims but name-checked Phillip in a quick fire game on Heart FM.

When asked what she wouldn’t like to find in her house, the Britain’s Got Talent star said: “Spiders, flies and Phillip Schofield!”

Inside Phillip Schofield's feuds - Fern Britton
Fern Britton’s row with Phil lasted 13 years (Credit:

Phillip vs Fern Britton

Phillip famously fell out with Fern Britton around the time she left This Morning.

Fern co-hosted the ITV show with Phil from 2002 to 2009 but it was claimed he earned three times the amount she did.

The telly star always denied this was the reason she had quit but the pair stopped talking.

Phillip even revealed in his autobiography Life Is What You Make It that they had rowed backstage.

Inside Phillip Schofield's feuds - Fern Britton
Phil said he had cross words with Fern backstage (Credit: YouTube)

“I walked back into the make-up room and calmly said: ‘Please don’t do that to me again,'” he penned.

Four years after her exit, Phillip told Heat magazine: “We were involved in the show and mates at the time, but we don’t really [speak]. I see Phil [Fern’s then-husband, chef Phil Vickery] when he’s in This Morning… But we’re not in touch now.”

Fern decided to bury the hatched this February, however, as Phil celebrated 40 years in television.

In a recorded message, she said: “Forty years is an incredible milestone and it’s time for you to stop and look back and see all that you have achieved and be proud of it.”

Inside Phillip Schofield's feuds - Piers Morgan
Phil described Piers Morgan as ‘deceitful’ after they fell out (Credit:

Phillip vs Piers Morgan

Phillip fell out with former newspaper editor Piers Morgan years ago in spat over “memorabilia”.

Piers had apparently asked Phillip to show him various bits and pieces from his career, with Phil thinking he was going to write some “interesting” stories about it.

We didn’t speak for a long time. There were awkward moments.

But it turned out Piers had used it to help pen an unofficial biography about Phillip.

“I was furious. Not so much that he had written the book, but that he had deceived me,” Phil later said.

“We didn’t speak for a long time. There were awkward moments: once, the two us were in a lift for what felt like an endless descent.”

The pair have since made up after agreeing that their row was “stupid”.

Demonstrating that there are no hard feelings, Piers supported Phillip when he came out as gay in February 2020.

Inside Phillip Schofield's feuds - Holly Willoughby
Holly Willoughby even found herself at the centre of bust up rumours with Phil in 2020 (Credit:

Phillip vs Holly Willoughby

Phillip and his This Morning co-star Holly Willoughby were plagued with feud claims in early 2020.

The pair, believed to be best friends off screen, were said to be experiencing a very tense relationship on set.

Insiders even claimed Holly was ready to quit This Morning over their reported fallout.

But both Phillip and Holly were quick to shut down the false rumours, insisting there was definitely no row.

Inside Phillip Schofield's feuds - Holly Willoughby
Holly and Phil were actually ‘closer than ever’ when they were accused of rowing (Credit: YouTube)

It later emerged that Phillip had even confided in Holly at the time about his sexuality. She sat and hugged him weeks later as he spoke about it publicly on This Morning.

Phil has since told Lorraine Kelly: “All of that about us being in the middle of a feud – we couldn’t have been closer, she was helping me through.

“That made it worse as it was on top of everything else.”

  • Phillip co-hosts The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration, 8pm, ITV1 Sunday May 15, 2022

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