Phillip Schofield talks about those Holly pregnancy rumours

It must be really annoying

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This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby is often at the centre of pregnancy rumours – and her co-host Phillip Schofield has admitted that it “drives her mad”.

Phil revealed to The Mirror: “The minute she’s off poorly, everyone says she’s pregnant. If we do an item with drinks she doesn’t like and she doesn’t have one… ‘Ooh, she must be pregnant’.”

Holly missed two days of work earlier this month and fans began speculating that it was caused by morning sickness.

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This Morning guest presenter Trinny Woodall also seemed to hint that Holly was pregnant during a fashion segment in February. Trinny had been explaining that a woman who was six months pregnant had a long body so her “bump doesn’t show so quickly.”

Turning to Holly she said: “Your bump might show quickly because you have very long legs.”

While Holly has suggested that she is sticking to having three children, she has admitted to being broody. “I don’t want that area of my life to be over because it makes me sad to think I’m not doing it again,” she said.

Holly and her TV producer husband Dan Baldwin have children Harry, seven, Belle, six, and Chester, two.

She’s admitted that the early weeks following Chester’s birth were a challenge. He had severe reflux and tongue tie, a condition that makes feeding more difficult.

“Honestly, Chester felt like my first,” she told The Mirror. “I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt along the way is just to give yourself a break.

“We’re all so worried about doing everything so perfectly. Actually, all they need is your time and your love. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.”

She and Dan married in 2007. “I was quite young but it just means you get longer with him. We had time before we had our first child, but we were ready to have children quite early,” she said.

Last month, This Morning guest Keith Lemon asked Holly whether she was pregnant. “No,” she said firmly, before adding: “I get asked that on a daily basis.”

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