Phillip Schofield snaps at This Morning guests after heated debate

The TV host did his best to control two arguing guests

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Phillip Schofield got caught up in a heated debate during Tuesday’s episode of This Morning.

The 55-year-old TV presenter was sitting down with his co-host Holly Willoughby to talk to guests Angela Epstein and Paris Lees about whether boys should be allowed to wear skirts at school.

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Angela argued against, while Paris was all for it but then things got a little bit tense!

Transgender activist Paris believes that kids should be entitled to wear what they want, but mum Angela wasn’t having any of it.

This discussion was off the back of a decision made by Highgate School in north London. They want to introduce ‘gender neutral uniforms’ after many children are now questioning their identity.

Angela said that “a lot of kids are confused for all sorts of reasons.” Adding: “Some will grow out of it, and some will not, but for the school to actively promote this is ridiculous.”

A snappy Paris retorted: “During my childhood, I was bullied violently for years and, at home my dad would ask, “Why’d you talk like a sissy…?’

“You’re appalled that young boys are allowed to wear skirts, but 48 percent of transgender children are attempting suicide?”

Angela said that the statistic was a “disproportionate response” and Paris immediately rolled her eyes.

Phil begged them both to “talk about it sensibly” but after Paris’s third eye-roll he couldn’t take any more.

He then snapped: “Now come on, why are you rolling your eyes?”


Viewers at home could feel the tension from behind their TV screens too…

One said that Paris was being “aggressive”.

Another found it hilarious how “heated” it was.

One also said that “the two being interviewed were both disgustingly rude and unprofessional”.

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Well, at least Phil was being as professional as always and trying to tame the unruly pair!

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