Phillip Schofield brands Gemma Collins a shameful self-publicist!

Her motives for doing TV show Sugar Free Farm have been called into question

It probably wasn’t the best show for Gemma Collins to make an appearance on…

Sugar Free Farm, which started a few weeks ago saw the TOWIE star struggle and collapse in exhaustion after having to do her tasks.

The 35-year-old was so tired after her weak attempts at fishing that she threw herself into the back of a truck and gave up.

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One person who couldn’t help but share his annoyance with the star was Phillip Schofield.

Phil and his co-host Holly Willoughby had Sugar Free Farm contestant Peter Davison on the show to discuss the experience.

The Doctor Who star revealed: “There were certain people who were not using it in quite the right way.

“We shouldn’t be using it to improve our brand profile, but to learn something and to teach the audience too.”

They asked if he was talking about Gemma, to which he replied: “She was using it as an exercise in self-publicity.”

He added: “She turned what should’ve been an interesting experiment into a reality show.”

Phillip Schofield then quickly responded: “Well, that’s what she’s good at!”

Another one of their contestants was Joe Pasquale.

He made an appearance on Tuesday’s episode of Lorraine and told the Scottish host: “Most of the people were OK. I have some reservations about Gemma and Anne Widdicombe.”

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Lorraine immediately agreed: “I’d be with you on that!”

Joe added: “Some of the egos on there…

“We were there to do a job, I’m not going to name names but, when the cameras weren’t filming she’d say I’m not doing that and she would go to sleep.”

Oh, Gem…

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