Phillip Schofield shuts down heated debate about baby ear piercing on This Morning

The presenter couldn't control the guests

Phillip Schofield shut down a VERY tense debate on today’s This Morning.

Hilary Freeman and Jerri Lee appeared on the chat show to talk about piercing babies’ ears and whether it should be banned.

Hilary claimed she believes piercing a child’s ear could be seen as child abuse but model Jerri argued little girls look cute with jewellery.

This comes after a controversial clip showed a tot screaming in pain emerged online.

Hilary and Jerri both had very different opinions on whether piercing babies’ ears should be banned (Credit: ITV)

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Jerri told hosts Holly and Phil that she got her daughter’s ears pierced when she was young but Hilary wasn’t impressed at all.

Hilary asked the mum: “Why can’t your daughter decide if she wants to have her ears pierced when she’s old enough to choose?”

But Jerri hit back saying: “Well I have a niece that is nine and she got hers done on her birthday and she fainted. She wanted them done, she did choose and they know what is coming and they know the pain that is coming.

“It is the same as them having their ears pinned back. Baby boys are circumcised and they don’t have the choice.”

But Hilary claimed ear piercing is “unnecessary” as she said: “Your child is not an accessory!”

Jerri insisted little girls look pretty with their ears pierced (Credit: ITV)

Jerri went on to explain: “My three-year-old now doesn’t want to wear her earrings, so we’re happy to take them out. She has the option to wear them.

“My two-year-old, if I take them out to clean them, she wants them straight back in.”

But Hilary had a completely different view and insisted ear piercing is “imposing pain on a defenseless baby”.

“The child has no ability to consent,” she said. “You’re imposing pain on a defenseless baby.

“Children have to have injections and it’s horrible seeing them have injections, but they’re important to their health.”

But as Phil and Holly started to wrap up the debate Jerri and Hilary were still keen on getting their opinions in.

Phil was quick to shut down the heated debate (Credit: ITV)

Phil, 55, was quick to shut the chat down as he jumped in shouting: “Stop now! Stop now!”

He then joked they could carry on their debate off-air.

Viewers were divided over the debate with some agreeing with Terri and others with Hilary. One wrote: “Piercing babies ears should be banned I don’t care whether you think it looks cute it just isn’t right at that age #thismorning.”

“Piercing your babies ears at such a young age is just wrong, let them decide when they are old enough if they want it or not! #ThisMorning,” ranted another.

A third said: “#ThisMorning piercing a babies ears is pure vanity on the parents part and should be banned. What if the baby grabs at them and pulls them out.”

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However others didn’t see it as such a huge issue.

One tweeted: “Having a babies ears pierced is the best time to have it done! They don’t fiddle with them and usually don’t get infected #ThisMorning.”

“I got my ears pierced when i was a baby! I’m so glad my mum did. I couldnt do it now! #ThisMorning,” another said.

One added: “Piercing babies ears is child abuse? The world has gone mad  #Thismorning.”