Phillip Schofield shares wild pics of him downing shots – with Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh

Daytime stars know how to party!

They may be cosy daytime TV presenters but once the cameras stop rolling Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby love to go on the lash.

And neither of them are ashamed for anyone to know.

In fact, they quite happily film their drinking sessions and post them on social media for all to see.

Phillip was away for home but still couldn’t tear himself away from the cameras (credit: Snapchat)

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This week Pip, Hols and a bunch of other celebs met up on holiday in the Algarve and indulged in a wild session of shot downing.

They were joined by Dragon’s Den star Peter Jones and quiz show supremo Bradley Walsh.

Posting some clips on Snapchat, that rascal Phil shared his wild night out for all to see.

Holly W is seen a table in a restaurant drinking wine (Credit: Snapchat)

From what we could see, the stars of daytime were seated around the table with their mates and partners with big glasses of wine to hand as a tray of shots was passed around between them.

In the background someone can be heard shouting out something about the “whole bottle” to which Bradley replies, “That’s for me. That’s great, that is sensational.”

Phillip then focused his phone on his wife who said she was “on it”.

But as the tray got circulated around the table, there was a spillage – thanks to Holly!

Whoops! Holly clearly had butter fingers as the shots tray went around the table (Credit: Snapchat)

In a clip after the spillage, Phillip can be heard jokingly scalding his telly wife, saying: “Holly [expletive] Willoughby, spilled the whole… God Damn!”

Oh dear!

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The popular TV duo are most definitely enjoying their summer out from presenting This Morning, as they lap up the sun rays.

But they are aware that the good times must come to an end at some point.

They have confirmed when they have to return to work.

Hols and Phillip will be back on the show on September 5 and fans are thrilled with the news.

Some have said online that the show just isn’t the same without Holly and Phil.

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