Phillip Schofield reveals he almost killed a Hollywood star

Holly was shocked by her co-star's admission

We always knew there might be a dark side to Phillip Schofield – and he’s now revealed there just could be.

Speaking on This Morning, the host came clean that he once he almost killed a celebrity.

He’s always looked like a nice guy – but perhaps not so nice after all (credit: ITV)

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Yes, the silver fox has admitted that he almost wiped out one of the world’s sexiest stars.

As he prepared to interview Orlando Bloom via satellite with sidekick Holly Willoughby, he got a secret off his chest.

“Shall I come clean right from the very start of this interview and say this glittering career, none of this would have happened if you’d taken two more steps when you stepped off the pavement in Henley-on-Thames and I nearly ran you over.”

Phil revealed he almost ran Orlando over (Credit: ITV)

After a moment’s thought, Orlando, who was in a hotel room in Paris, laughed out loud.

Whether he actually does remember this life-and-death experience or not is unknown because he didn’t say anything on the matter.

Instead he held up a picture of Phillip and Holly and said he felt like they were with him.

“By the way,” he told them. “You’re not here but you are here. I asked for this.”

He held up a picture of Phil and Holly so he could feel like they were in the same room (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Orlando was on the show to chat about returning to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in the new instalment called Salazar’s Revenge.

But fans of the series had better not get too excited as he says he’s only in the flick for “ten minutes or so”.

However, he did say he would play a big part setting his son Henry on a journey of discovery. Oooh, sounds exciting, no?

Orlando has been in the Pirates franchise for ten years (Credit: ITV)

Orlando said he was convinced to return to the series after he got a call from the film’s producer producer Jerry Burckheimer.

“I was quite intrigued actually. I got a call to say to come into Jerry’s office,” he told Phil and Hols.

“They sort of just pitched me the idea to be this emotional springboard for my son’s character to go off on this journey.

“It’s a similar narrative to the first movie. People said it’s one of their favourites and I think they brought back themes and ideas from that film and it is pretty fantastic.”

Orlando says being on set is like hanging out with a bunch of mates (Credit: ITV)

He also said that hanging out with Johnny Depp and the cast has been like hanging out with his mates.

“When we made the first film we had no idea of the success it would be,” he said.

“Johnny hadn’t created that iconic role of Captain Jack as yet. We were just out there in the Caribbean making these giant movies. It was like returning to a bunch of mates.”

The film opens in a few weeks time.

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