Phillip Schofield presents This Morning ALONE and viewers hate it!

We want Holly back!

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Earth shifted on its axis today when the nation found out that Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were separated on This Morning.

Schofe had to present the show ALONE as Holly headed off to a maternity wards to deliver a baby live on air.

How could they let this happen?! Phil looked so lonely.

Some viewers really struggled with this separation…

One user said: “Watching #ThisMorning and it’s so weird seeing Phil on his own without Holly”

Everybody found it very strange.

“So weird watching @thismorning and only seeing Phil in the studio!! I don’t like it !! Never do it again… #ThisMorning,” said another.

During the show, Phil admitted that he was feeling a little lonely without Holly.

We hope the producers take note!

Another said: “I don’t like this baby episode 🙁 but too much on the same topic and I miss the Holly &Phil banter #thismorning @thismorning”

Meanwhile, a VERY broody Holly looked like she had the best time at St Thomas’ hospital in London.

Holly’s enthusiasm was infection and she got everybody jealous that she was basically getting paid to snuggle with tiny, little babies!

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Holly spent the entire show at the ward but video-called Phil from the hospital.

She told her co-host: “You are never ever getting me back! And apparently there are five ladies in labour right now too, so we could have even more bundles of joy like this one… I’m so happy, I might change jobs!”

Nooooo Holly, you can’t leave!!