Phillip Schofield

Phillip Schofield leaves his mum shocked with wild hair in lockdown

He's unable to get his hair cut by a professional

TV’s Phillip Schofield left his mum shocked by revealing his wild hair in lockdown.

The This Morning presenter has admitted his hair is starting to get out of control since he can’t cut it while hairdressers are shut.

On Sunday (April 26), he shared a photo to his Instagram Stories showing how long his silver locks have become.

Phillip Schofield hair
Phillip Schofield shocked his mum with his wild hair (Credit: Instagram)

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He wrote: “Skype’d my mum, my hair made her jump.”

Meanwhile, on today’s This Morning (April 27), poor Phil was pranked by co-star Holly Willoughby.

Holly made some fart noises as Phillip bent over to the side during a yoga routine.

Phillip tried to maintain his composure while he went through this moves with a yoga instructor via video link.

However, Holly could be seen in hysterics in the background.

Phillip Schofield on This Morning
Holly made fart noises as Phil did the yoga poses (Credit: ITV)

Following an advert break, Holly admitted she and the producers were making the noises.

But later in the show, Phil got his own back and pulled off an epic prank on Holly with the help of Bradley Walsh.

What happened?

Bradley, 59, pretended to be a very strict dad called ‘Roger’ who was forcing his son to wear school uniform.

He also told the hosts he’s giving his son detentions and is demanding he’s called “Mr Smythe” at all times.

He also yelled at his fictional wife ‘Audrey’ and Holly was left with her jaw on the ground.

Holly and Phil cut to a break and when they returned Phil explained everything.

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Returning to the show, Holly told viewers: “Just now in our phone-in, we spoke to a family that were having a difficult time in lockdown with homeschooling.

“We have contacted them and we’re just making sure everything’s okay.”

However, Phil then revealed it was actually a prank and Bradley and Barney were behind it all!

Holly exclaimed: “Are you kidding me?! Oh my God! I hate you all! My heart was going again.”

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