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Phillip Schofield issues bizarre warning to Holly Willoughby

Not sure you have much say in this, Phil!

Phillip Schofield has jokingly warned Holly Willoughby better NOT be pregnant while they’re filming the new series of Dancing On Ice.

It may sound like a weird remark but it stems from the fact Holly was expecting during two previous series of the ITV ice skating programme.

And this time around, Philip, 55, wants to have the maximum fun possible!

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They’re back! (Credit: Instagram @dancingonice)

Chatting to The Mirror, he said: “She better not be pregnant this time round. Enough now. Now we can enjoy ourselves.”

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Phillip even joked he’s gone to extreme lengths to ensure Holly, 36, and TV producer husband Dan Baldiwn don’t add to their brood just yet.

“I snuck into their bedroom without them knowing and I’ve snipped Dan,” he quipped.

“I’m not having any of that again!”

Instagram @HollyWilloughby
Holly with husband Dan (Credit: Instagram @HollyWilloughby)

Phil isn’t the only Dancing On Ice star who has joked about Holly being pregnant during the new series – pro skater Jayne Torvill, who is judging this year, has also spoken out.

In a recent interview with OK! magazine, Jayne claimed Holly was a bit worried about the new series of DOI as the show = babies for her!

“Holly told me she’s a bit worried because every time she does Dancing On Ice she gets pregnant. She’s had all three of her children while hosting the show,” said Jayne.

A rare pic of Holly’s kids; she usually keeps them away from the spotlight (Credit: Instagram @hollywilloughby)

Jayne was a bit wrong on her facts, though: Holly has had two children while DOI was filming, not three.

Dancing On Ice originally ran from 2006 until 2014 with Holly and Phil hosting the first six series together, before Christine Lampard stepped in to replace Holly.

Holly gave birth to son Harry in May 2009 and daughter Belle in April 2011, meaning she was pregnant while filming both the 2009 and 2011 series.

Son Chester arrived in September 2014.

Holly and Phil will juggle Dancing On Ice with This Morning duties (Credit: ITV)

This Morning presenter Holly has admitted she’s torn over whether to expand her brood and have a fourth child or not.

In an interview with ITV’s Lorraine earlier this year, she said: “I love being pregnant. I loved giving birth, weirdly, I loved all of that. So the thought of it being over – it’s like not being able to wear a wedding dress again.

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“Maybe one day, I don’t know, but we’re very happy as we are. We feel complete. Three feels good for us.

“Two children was lovely but two felt like everybody was waiting for a baby.

“Chester sort of cemented us.”

Holly says she and Dan are happy with three kids (Credit: Instagram @hollywilloughby)

In a a separate chat with The Sun’s Fabulous magazine in September, she said: “When you look around the table and you’ve got these little people you’ve made together who are just so funny, that’s when you think, ‘Maybe we should have more’.

“But that’s not a reason to have more! That’s what I keep telling myself. No, no, no! I think I’m really, definitely done. I think.

“Well, I’m as certain as I can be.”