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Phillip Schofield has ‘explosive row’ with This Morning co-star

Lesson of the day: don't mess with Mr Schofield!

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Phillip Schofield does NOT like starting his mornings with an argument. Fact.

But sadly for him, that’s just what happened on Thursday when someone dared question the most grave of grave matters: how one should consume sticky toffee pudding for maximum enjoyment.

A very serious subject, you understand.

Snapchat @PhillipSchofe
Phil doesn’t like a morning row (Credit: Snapchat @PhillipSchofe)

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Now, according to Phillip, the best way to consume said dessert is with lashings of clotted cream.

But celebrity chef and This Morning co-star Phil Vickery firmly disagrees, instead favouring a vanilla ice-cream, sauce and thick cream combo.

*Mega clash alert!*

Snapchat @PhillipSchofe
Phil v Phil! (Credit: Snapchat @PhillipSchofe)

Taking to Snapchat with a fed up face, Schofield grumpily said: “I don’t like starting the morning with a row but Phil Vickery is telling me what I can and can’t have with sticky toffee pudding.”

Walking towards Vickery, he added: “I don’t like starting off with a row! I can’t have clotted cream with sticky toffee pudding?”

Snapchat @PhillipSchofe
Who knew sticky toffee pudding was such a divisive subject? (Credit: Snapchat @PhillipSchofe)

“No you can’t!” replied Vickery. “It’s fundamentally wrong!”

“Who says?” retorted Schofield.

“I do!” said Vickery.

Snapchat @PhillipSchofe
Who knows best – the chef or the presenter? (Credit: Snapchat @PhillipSchofe)

“Well, who cares?” sniped Schofield.

“When it comes to food, everyone’s an expert, are they?” said Vickery.

“No, I just know what I like!” replied Schofield.

“I like clotted cream with sticky toffee pudding!”

Snapchat @PhillipSchofe
Each had their say about the best accompaniment to pudding (Credit: Snapchat @PhillipSchofe)

“But it DOESN’T GO!” said Vickery, who pointed out vanilla ice cream – preferably Carte d’Or – and thick cream is a far better combo.

“I don’t care!” shouted Schofield. “I don’t actually give a flying [bleep].”

Of course it was all totally in jest – though bravo to the two Phils for keeping straight faces throughout!

Snapchat @PhillipSchofe
Of course, it was all in jest – just look at Vickery’s smile! (Credit: Snapchat @PhillipSchofe)

It was just another example of why we all love good ol’ Phil Schofield so much – and why his Snapchat is such a hit with fans!

Vickery will demonstrate his classic sticky toffee pudding on Thursday’s This Morning – having told fans he’s been whipping up the recipe for the past 37 YEARS!

Twitter @philvickery
Er, YUMMY! (Credit: Twitter @philvickery)

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He posted a taster of the dish to Twitter before the show went on air and, sorry Schofield, but that looks DELICIOUS!

If you don’t want your share on today’s show, we’ll happily step in!

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