Phillip Schofield shows the mischief he’s been getting up to during This Morning break

We SO want a night out with Schofe!

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Fans of Phillip Schofield know he enjoys a tipple at the end of a long, hard day.

And regular viewers of his (frankly, rather wonderful) Snapchats will know that Phil, 55, has been slowly making his way through a gin advent calendar this month.


Phil really needs his own gin tasting show (Credit: Snapchat @Phillip_Schofield)

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Well, now that he’s on a festive break from This Morning and no longer has an early morning alarm, Phil’s been getting stuck in to some of the miniature gin bottles.

And, naturally, he shared it all on Snapchat!

On Wednesday night, the TV star decided it was time to crack open four of the tiny bottles which contained lavender gin, rhubarb gin, cardamon gin, and rhubarb and ginger gin.


We’re guessing that’s a no to lavender gin, then? (Credit: Snapchat @Phillip_Schofield)

Well, first up was the lavender gin – but unfortunately, the verdict wasn’t good!

“It’s that time of the night and we are sampling,” he told fans.

“It’s lavender time!”

Yup, he’s not a fan (Credit: Snapchat @Phillip_Schofield)

However, taking a sip and screwing up his face, it was clear Schofield really wasn’t digging the taste.

“There are flowers in my gin,” he moaned. “Sorry, I don’t like lavender gin.”

Next up was the cardamom gin, with an excited Phil saying: “We are in full experimental mode! Lay it on me!”

Ooh, seems the cardamom gin has an interesting taste (Credit: Snapchat @Phillip_Schofield)

Tentatively taking a sip – perhaps burned by the lavender gin experience – Phil took his time delivering the next verdict.

At first it didn’t look good… but, surprise! It was actually okay!

“It has a hint of the east,” he mused, going in for another sip.

He likes this one! (Credit: Snapchat @Phillip_Schofield)

Next, Phil had to face his biggest challenge – the rhubarb gin!

“I’m not gonna lie, you know I’ve been worried about this one,” he said.

“I mean, rhubarb? Really, though? But I’m doing this for you!”

So kind, Phil!

Loving the gin! (Credit: Snapchat @Phillip_Schofield)

Hey, though, surprise! He loved it! See, Phil? Don’t judge a book by its cover! Or, er, gin bottle by its label..

“Actually, that’s not bad!” he said.

Phil then decided to go wild and tip his rhubarb and ginger gin into his rhubarb gin, making a “double rhubarb with a little bit of ginger” drink.

Sounds, delish!

We love you too, Phil! (Credit: Snapchat @Phillip_Schofield)

Perhaps all the gin went to our favourite silver fox’s head, as he got a bit giggly and told the camera: “I love you.”

We love you too, Phil!

The star is currently on a break from This Morning over Christmas, but he hasn’t stopped work completely just yet.

Phil’s on a break from This Morning for Christmas (Credit: FameFlynet)

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Earlier this week, he met members of the press – including ED! – at the Dancing On Ice launch in London, where the new celebrity contestants and pro skaters were unveiled ahead of the show returning in January.

Phil will host alongside his This Morning co-star and BFF Holly Willoughby.

Dancing on Ice returns to screens on Sunday January 7th.

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