Phillip Schofield gets an unwelcome house guest ahead of Christmas

There's never a dull moment when it comes to Schofe's Snapchat!

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Phillip Schofield had a surprise when he headed into his garage this morning – an unexpected feathery friend flying around!

The This Morning favourite revealed on Snapchat (obvs, he loves his Snapchat!) that a robin was fluttering around in the room and he hadn’t a clue how the bird had got itself stuck.

Filming the bird flying around, Phil could be heard saying: “That’s not the door! That’s not the door!

Snapchat @phillip_schofield
How did you get in there? (Credit: Snapchat @phillipschofe)

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“Mr Robin, how did you get in here? You’re in the garage!”

All’s well that ends well, however, as Phil then updated fans to say the robin was successfully back in the fresh air, thanks to a trusty old mop.

Snapchat @phillip_schofield
Bit unhygienic having the mop that close to your face, surely?! (Credit: Snapchat @phillipschofe)

Grasping the mop in one hand, he said: “You’ll be pleased to know he has been gently coaxed out of the garage with a mop.”


That left Phil able to get on with his day, which included the dreaded task of a last minute pre-Christmas dash to the supermarket aka the busiest, most stressful place on earth this time of year.

Snapchat @phillip_schofield
Supermarket on Christmas 23. Nightmare (Credit: Snapchat @phillipschofe)

Good luck, Phil!

The 55-year-old is no doubt making the most of his annual festive break from This Morning – and those super early alarms!

He and co-host Holly Willoughby hosted their final daytime show of the year two Fridays ago and aren’t due back on the sofa until the New Year.

And it’s shaping up to be a busy month for them as they’ll be juggling This Morning duties with presenting the revamped series of Dancing On Ice, which kicks off January 7 on ITV.

Phil will host the revamped Dancing On Ice with This Morning BFF Holly Willoughby (Credit: ITV / Nicky Johnson)

Chatting to members of the press, including ED!, last week, Phil said: “I can’t wait – we’ve been talking about this for years. We found out about this a long time ago.

“We were talking about bringing it back a year after it came off. Then another year went by. [But] I think it’s safe to say from two years ago it was definitely going to come back.”

The new-look Dancing On Ice returns to ITV four years after being taken off air.

The new Dancing On Ice debuts Sunday, January 7 on ITV (Credit: Instagram @dancingonice)

It originally ran from 2006 until 2014 with Holly and Phil hosting the first six series together, and Phil being joined by Christine Lampard for the latter three series.

This year several changes have been made, including switching Torvill & Dean’s roles from choreography to judging. They’ll join the panel alongside Jason Gardiner and Ashley Banjo.

The show will air from 6pm to 8pm on Sundays from January 7.

Instagram @Schofe
Phil on the set of DOI earlier this year (Credit: Instagram @Schofe)

“The changes that we’ve made, I think, are essential to giving it a reboot. It’s fundamentally different to what it was before, and it’s all the things I’ve wanted it to be,” said Phil.

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“Where I think we’ve made mistakes in the past – and this was one of the things that I was discussing two years ago – was we had a number of parents who were unhappy that it finished so late with the skate-off.

“You’d have the main show, then we’d come on later, which meant if there were young kids, they could watch the beginning of the show but not what happened at the end.”

We can’t wait!

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