Phillip Schofield DESTROYS This Morning studio in angry rage

Doesn't he look sexy when he's angry?!

It’s always the ones that you just wouldn’t expect…

The silver fox aka Phillip Schofield completely lost his cool on Thursday night when he found out that Keith Lemon ripped off his game show Mr and Mrs.

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Keith Lemon introduced his segment of the show, which to be honest pretty much is the exact same format, and Holly Willough’booby’ tried to warn him not to carry on, else Phil would be fuming.

Obviously the Bo Selecta presenter ignored the pretty blonde and got his guests Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks to carry on and play anyway.

It got to halfway through the game when an iPad was brought on and given to Keith which has a lovely video message from Phillip sitting on the This Morning sofa, who had a few things to say.

Phillip, who displayed some of the best acting skills we’ve ever seen, threw a huge tantrum and threw things around the set of This Morning.

He kicked a huge cardboard box at one point and managed to get his foot stuck in it, not laughing one bit.

Someone get this dude an acting job pronto.

Phil recently caused another bit of a stir when he wondered why nobody has asked Cheryl whether she was pregnant when she appeared on The One Show.

The singer displayed quite a visible ‘bump’ but it was ignored.

Chatting on a segment in This Morning, he said: “‘Sometimes guests might say before a show, under no circumstances can you ask about this.

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“But that leads me to wonder why they might have said that. It happens on this programme sometimes and normally we will do as we’re told, but sometimes we are naughty.”

Co-host Holly Willoughby said: “She might not even be pregnant.”

Oh Phillip, we love you.

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