This Morning: Phillip reveals why Katie Hopkins no longer does show

Host opens up about "nasty" and "cruel" opinion-spewer

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So Donald Trump is the President of the USA. And as you can imagine not many people are happy about it.

And one person who isn’t particularly gleeful is nice guy Phillip Schofield, who said just a day before his election that if Donald Trump became US president it would be one of the “greatest catastrophes to strike our planet”.

The normally jokey morning presenter let loose during an exclusive chat with ED! columnist Andy West on his YouTube channel AndyVision on the eve of the presidential result.

In the unmissable chat, Phillip also laid into Katie Hopkins – but defended Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton.

When asked what he thought about the prospect of the dandelion-haired business man and former US Apprentice star becoming the most powerful man in the world, a fearful Phillip at first paid tribute to the divisive presidential candidate’s media profile.

“I think he’s a fabulous character. Fascinating to watch. Incredible television.” However, he was swift to make it clear that, should Trump take office, he wouldn’t be overly happy!

“It is without question,” he said, “going to be one of the greatest catastrophes to strike our planet should he be president.

“With him it’s just bluster and bullshit. There are no firm policies, he has said nothing of any substance whatsoever.”

Phillip admitted that he was backing Hillary Clinton because “at least she has been foreign secretary, she has had some experience on the world stage”.

Meanwhile, lovable Pip explained why Katie Hopkins and her “mean” opinions suddenly disappeared from the This Morning couch.

You may recall that whenever show producers needed someone to offer a tougher side to a debate, the acid-tongued former Apprentice candidate would be wheeled out to talk nasty and whip the viewers into a foaming frenzy!

While Phillip enjoyed her regular visits, he explained to Andy that it all went wrong for her when her tone lost its humour.

“To start with she was terrific and very funny,” he said. “But then she stopped being funny and just became nasty and wicked and cruel and then we didn’t have her any more.

“Her sharp edges started to severely cut people. Then we had a discussion [as a team] and said is this as funny as it was – the stuff about kids names was really funny.

“A lot of things were being said that Katie knew that other people were thinking but didn’t have the guts to say, and that was great!

“But then it got mean and that’s not for us. And it wasn’t the case of saying she was banned – there was no anger after the items.

“For her to say what she says and the ways that she says it and to put her head above the parapet in that way you’ve to have a thick skin.

“She speaks her mind whether you agree and or disagree. And increasingly I disagreed with vehemently with what she had to say.”