Phillip Schofield almost loses it on This Morning as he takes part in GOAT YOGA

Cool as a cucumber host almost swore

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Phillip Schofield was given a bit of a fright on today’s This Morning after taking part in goat yoga.

So much so he almost swore after something grabbed his foot.

But it wasn’t a goat it was actually comedian Jack Whitehall, who was a guest on the lunchtime show.

The hosts took part in a yoga session – but without the goats (Credit: ITV)

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During today’s show Phil and co-host Holly Willoughby took part in goat yoga.

Yoga teacher Donna McCheyne appeared on the show to introduce the stars to performing yoga with goats.

But as the hosts started performing their yoga moves the goats took no interest in the presenting duo and just wandered around the studio instead.

The super cute animals, who are only eight-weeks-old, were far more interested in nibbling the leaves on a bush.

Phil, who was completely baffled by the uninterested goats, shouted: “The goats just couldn’t care less.

“The goats are nowhere to be seen.”

Phil wasn’t really a fan of goat yoga (Credit: ITV)

But the presenter, 57, was startled after he felt something grab his foot.

As he quickly turned around he looked as if he was about the swear before releasing it was actually Jack joking around.

He said: “Oh, you –”

Jack joked: “There was a goat, it just ran in!”

As the goat yoga came to an end Phil told viewers: “I nearly swore, so thank you for that!”

Jack startled Phil after grabbing his toes (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers were left in tears after watching the pair take part.

One wrote on Twitter: “Holly and Phil doing #GoatYoga on #ThisMorning without goats is priceless.”

“Holly and Phil are having the time of their lives doing yoga but these goats really could not care less #ThisMorning,” another said.

Another was hoping for the two to have one of their infamous laughing fits. They wrote: “I’m praying Phil has a giggle fit during the goat yoga @hollywills #ThisMorning.”

A fourth added: “But this is just a yoga class with goats in the room, Phil is so confused #ThisMorning.”

Shortly before the yoga session Donna explained to the hosts exactly why goat yoga is so popular.

She said: “It’s something different and something people haven’t heard of before. Its taken America by storm and gone crazy over there.

“I believe that when we practise our animal yoga we have the benefit of the yoga itself, animal therapy and laughter therapy, so combining three therapies into one.

“Goats are naturally sociable, inquisitive little animals. They like to come by as we do our yoga practice have a little nibble of the mat, lick are toes, pull our hair.”