Phillip and Holly stunned by soap star’s “lie”

The cheeky Hollyoaks star has revealed his outrageous slip up was merely a prank!

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Remember a few weeks ago, the nation was in shock when Kieron Richardson from Hollyoaks was left red faced after he supposedly gave away the identity of the killer of Amy Barnes?

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His faux pas sent news sites into a spin as they hungrily reported that the actor who plays Ste was in a right two and eight after revealing too much during an interview with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

If you didn’t see the interview, here’s a recap…

Kieron, who plays Ste on the show, was appearing on This Morning to discuss the much hyped ‘Who Murdered Amy Barnes?’ storyline, and was explaining that there were many characters, including his own his character Ste, who were in the frame for the crime.

But during the chat, he said, “All I will say is that Ashley Slanina-Davies who plays Amy Barnes is  brilliant actress! Even in the final scenes with my…”

Suddenly, he stopped short, held his face in his hands and got all embarrassed, hinting that perhaps he said more that he should.

In a panic he asked the amused hosts, “Is this ‘live’ live?”

Luckily Phillip and Holly tried to save the day by running through the other suspects as if Kieron hadn’t said anything.

But even still Kieron appeared to be embarrassed that he had given away the plot twist, laughing, “Has anyone got any jobs here? I might need one!”

But now it has emerged that Kieron has been a bit of scamp and that he was actually pulling the wool over all our eyes.

Sharon Marshall has revealed that the whole blunder was a lie and Phillip and Holly couldn’t believe they had been fooled by his cheeky lie.

She says she actually saw the wicked scamp filming himself backstage explaining that he planned to trick the show’s hosts into believing he’d let slip the soap’s biggest secret.

In the short clip he says: “Okay, so I’m about to go on This Morning.

“What I’m going to actually do is slip up and pretend to everyone that I’ve revealed who the killer is, when in actual fact I’m in on it all along.

“I’m just winding everybody up because everybody thinks they’ve worked out who the killer is. This is really exciting – I feel like I’m on some kind of secret mission.”

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Oh well, talk about fake news, eh? We’ll never believe another word that comes out of Kieron’s mouth again!