Phil Schofield and Samia Longchambon confirm Dancing On Ice return?

They seemed to give the game away on This Morning

Coronation Street’s Samia Longchambon appeared on This Morning today and alongside host Phillip Schofield gave the biggest hint yet that Dancing On Ice is set to make a comeback.

Although Samia was on the show to talk about her character, Maria Connor’s affair with Aidan Connor, Phil couldn’t resist asking at the end of the interview whether her husband was still skating.

Samia denied knowing anything about the show’s return (Credit: ITV)

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Samia is married to ice dancer Sylvain Longchambon who she met when they were partnered on Dancing On Ice together. The couple have a young son, Yves, who is 18 months.

When Phillip asked her if Sylvain was skating at the moment, she replied flatly that he wasn’t.

Samia and Sylvain met when they were partnered on Dancing On Ice (Credit: YouTube)

“Has he had a phone call?” Phil pushed, grinning.

“I don’t know. Have you?” Samia responded, trying to keep a straight face.

Phil denied that he had, but his face said otherwise and as he desperately tried to stop the giggles coming, viewers at home were convinced that was all the evidence they needed that the show was as good as confirmed.

Phil couldn’t contain his laughter as they talked about what they knew (Credit: ITV)

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The pair then discussed a possible comeback saying:

“It would be lovely for it to come back, Sunday night’s have missed it,” Samia said.

“Wouldn’t it just,” Phil replied with that smirk once again on his face.

Their failed attempts at acting nonchalant immediately had viewers on Twitter saying they’d made it “so obvious”.

Later in the show Rylan also brought up the skating contest’s possible return, asking if Phil could let him have a go on the rink as he presented Celebrity Big Brother nearby at the same time as DOI is historically aired.

Although Phillip told him no, Holly did suggest Rylan should just take part as a contestant instead of messing around on the ice.

Rylan joked he’d lose his CBB gig and he couldn’t have another show getting axed. His Channel 5 show Up Late With Rylan was recently given the heave-ho after just one series.