Louise and Jamie Redknapp “are not separating”, declares spokesman

Phew! Looks like things are hunky dory!

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Hey folks, fans of Louise and Jamie Redknapp, you can relax.

Emergency over.

It looks like the rumours that their marriage was on the rocks were a load of baloney.

Where does this stuff come from, eh?

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In case you missed the reports, The Sun ran a story this morning that the former footballer Jamie Redknapp and his crooning wife were said to be desperately fighting to save their relationship.

But the couple aren’t happy about the speculation and ordered a spokesperson to speak out on their behalf and dismiss the story as rubbish.

“Rumours of separation are completely untrue,” the aide said.

“Louise and Jamie are looking forward to a nice weekend celebrating.”

The couple will be celebrating Jamie’s mother Sandra’s 70th birthday this weekend.

When The Sun stumbled across the story they must have been giddy to find such an earth-shattering exclusive.

However, after the newspaper had gone to print last night, Louise and Jamie went and spoiled everything by being pictured leaving a restaurant together.

In the past, Louise has only spoken positively about her husband and revealed that during her stint on Strictly Jamie had been uncharacteristically enthusiastic about her time on the show.

Also during her time on the show, she poo-pooed the idea that she and Jamie would be affected by the “Strictly curse”.

“We laughed about it. After so many years, it’ll take more than Strictly and a sparkly leotard to cause problems,” she said at the time.

“Jamie knows that I would never do anything that would make him feel uncomfortable.”

“Jamie is my world, and this is just dancing. What happens on the dance floor is very different to real life.”

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“Strictly is just like any job in any walk of life.”

“You could be in the office tomorrow and fall in love with someone. I’ve spent a lot of time with Kevin and he’s so professional, patient and gentle.”