Coronation Street: Phelan to frame one of his nearest and dearest for double murder!

There is no end to his evil

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Coronation Street’s Connor McIntyre has teased a deadly showdown between Pat Phelan and Luke Britton, as the mechanic digs deeper into what’s happened to his pal Andy Carver – as he attempts to frame Seb for his murderous deed

In scenes that will air in early January, the evil builder hits upon the plan to land the lad in it for the killings in revenge for him taking on a work job with arch-enemy Gary.

He gets the teenager drunk on whiskey and then lets him play with the murder weapon.

Meanwhile, Luke is growing ever more suspicious about Andy’s disappearance and goes to the mill while Phelan is there, trying to plant the gun covered with Seb Franklin’s fingerprints to frame him for the murders.

But then hen Luke questions Phelan about Andy’s whereabouts and threatens to report him to the police, Phelan violently smacks him over the head with a rock.

Coronation Street
Phelan has been feeling the heat from Luke’s questions (Credit: ITV)

The two become gripped in a fight and Luke punches Phelan, knocking him unconscious before staggering to his car to drive away.

Phelan then wakes up and follows him in his van prompting a road pursuit with potentially dramatic consequences, but he must protect his secret and stop Luke from getting to the police.

McIntyre said, of the dramatic car chase scenes: “(It was) fabulous, we are boys so what could be better (than) driving cars around corners at speed with cameras inside!

“I had not done a car chase before that I can remember so it was great fun. We had a great director and a great crew and it’s a blessing to play these things out.”

He said that these scenes will be different to those involving Andy and Vinny because they are not filmed in the dark.

“What gives these scenes an extra charge is that they are in broad daylight,” McIntyre said.

“This is really indicative of the seriousness because Pat would like to go around quietly in the dark.

“All of a sudden he is being forced into a situation in broad daylight and it only takes somebody to see what is going on and the cat it is out of the bag on all levels…”

He said, of the potential of being uncovered: “At first he thinks he can manage it because Luke is a nice guy but irritating because he wants to know the truth.

Coronation Street
Phelan’s taking ever riskier chances (Credit: ITV)

“He has kept pressing and Phelan has sent him on a wild goose chase. But when Luke finally turns up at the mill, it becomes clear that this is not going the way he wants.

“Luke is determined and knows something’s not right. There lies the big problem for Phelan.”

Of filming the scenes with Dean Fagan, who plays Luke, he said: “Dean is a great kid. It’s great to have actors that are committed to it, it all lives and dies on that. Very exciting scenes.

The actor said he was “excited” to learn that his character would be “right in the middle of the action”.

“It’s tragic that Phelan goes to the mill to ditch the gun and poetically Luke turns up,” he said.

“Phelan is about to put all that to bed but just as he is about to do that, there’s another problem and he is pulled back into this.”

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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