Coronation Street: Has Phelan targeted his next murder victim?

Just when we thought he'd turned over a new leaf...

Ever since Phelan discovered he was a dad, we’ve seen a softening in him.

He even shed a tear when daughter Nicola revealed their DNA results.

AND he confessed his killer ways to a priest, demonstrating something approaching remorse.

But, if pictures published today in The Sun are anything to go by, it looks like he may tap into his murderous mind again.

He had appeared to have cleaned up his act (Credit: ITV)

And his next potential victim? Daniel Osbourne – another Weatherfield hot head is being touted.

Connor McIntyre – who plays Phelan – and Rob Mallard – Daniel – were snapped filming scenes together. Why would these two characters be together?!

Andy was Phelan’s last victim (Credit: ITV)

Oh, the intrigue! Pictures released last week saw Phelan following Daniel to an old people’s home.

Has Daniel discovered a long-lost figure in Phelan’s life who could expose his shadowy side?

Is Daniel next? (Credit: ITV)

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He should be careful, though. Daughter Nicola is a clever woman, and could well rumble what he’s really like – and capable of.

This week she asks for his professional opinion, as she’s looking at buying a flat.

Phelan is relishing the opportunity to be a good dad (Credit: ITV)

Phelan is thrilled to be asked and sets about giving her the best advice he possibly can, telling her what he thinks is a reasonable offer.

He’s very pleased with himself for having been able to help, that is until Nicola returns and tells him she put the offer forward and the developer laughed in her face.

That’s like a red rag to a bull. Someone laughing at his daughter? Absolutely no way is Phelan going to let that one go and he decides to pay the developer a little visit.

He demands the name of the guy and gives him a different Phelan-style warning. He tells the guy he’s in the trade and he knows every trick and scam in the book (don’t we know it!) and puts the pressure on him to accept Nicola’s offer. But will he resort to violence to show the dodgy dealer he really means business?

His interference obviously works when Nicola finds out her offer’s been accepted, but she knows it’s clearly down to her dad.

She is grateful, but will she realise exactly how he managed to get the developer to change his mind? And how will she feel when she sees the other side to her supposedly soft and warm father?

It’s obvious that Phelan is still a man who always gets what he wants and the discovery of a daughter seems to be doing nothing to make him change his ways too much. Will this lead to his downfall?

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Nicola Thorp revealed autumn’s Corrie is not to be missed (Credit: ITV)

Last week, actress Nicola Thorp spoke to Christine Lampard on Lorraine about Phelan maybe starting to own up to his crimes.

“It’s got to come out at some point. He’s got two choices; he can either own up to what he’s done and hope she loves him for who he is, or does he do everything he can to hide it?

“All of that will be unfolding over the autumn,” she continued. “It’s a really exciting time.

“If you don’t already watch Corrie then now is the time to start! I can’t reveal too much but what is going to happen over the next few months is going to make soap history!”

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