Peter Andre’s wife Emily speaks out about “unnerving and unwelcome intrusion”

She's set the record straight following upsetting invasion of privacy

Peter Andre’s wife Emily has hit back at reports the couple had ‘indecent’ pictures hacked from their iCloud account.

The doctor wrote in her OK! magazine column that the images weren’t in any way intimate but it was still an “unwelcome intrusion” into the couple’s private lives.

Emily, 28, said: “It was a storm in a teacup as it was made to seem like they were indecent… but they certainly weren’t.”

Peter with Emily (Credit: FameFlynet)

“It just goes to show how things can be portrayed in totally the wrong way.

“It is unnerving to think that someone has been able to access our private photos. It’s an unwelcome intrusion and one I hope doesn’t happen again.”

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Peter, 45, also addressed the hack in his own New! magazine column, agreeing with Emily it had all been blown out of proportion.

He admitted being baffled as to how the iCloud account was even hacked, as he’s “really good” about setting a strong password.

Instagram @PeterAndre
Peter said he couldn’t understand how the account got hacked (Credit: Instagram @PeterAndre)

The Mysterious Girl singer said the hacked photos he’d seen were ones taken years ago, before he and Emily even married.

“I called Emily straight away,” he said.

“Of course she was upset – it’s not nice for her. Thankfully we don’t have anything really dodgy. But saying that, we’re husband and wife, we shouldn’t have to worry what pictures we take.

“It definitely makes you think twice, though.”

The hack took place while Peter was in Los Angeles, where he has been filming his debut movie role.

Peter has landed a part in upcoming Hollywood thriller The Inheritance, directed by James Hickox.

After nabbing the role last year, he told fans: “Finally. I’ve received (after months of talks) my first ever film script. Start filming in LA next year, and… it’s a big part…. wahoo! I’ve only waited 44 years.”

He later added to Australia’s Daily Telegraph: “I feel very lucky. They’ve sent me the rough draft and they’ve given me a really good part.

“That is like the ultimate dream, that is the big one, so I just hope I can do it well.

“So the fact they sent the script to me, it doesn’t matter what happens now.”

Peter has also been working on new music in LA (Credit: Instagram @peterandre)

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Peter has also been working on new music while out in Los Angeles.

He’s been sharing photos from the recording studio on Instagram, much to the excitement of fans!

One wrote: “Looking forward to listening to it!”

Another said: “Getting goosebumps I’m so excited for this album.”

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