Peter Andre’s wife Emily slams “parenting police” who criticised Amy Childs for weaning baby daughter ‘early’

Amy sparked a fiery debate over her controversial decision

Emily MacDonagh has slammed parents who hit out at new mum Amy Childs for weaning her four-month-old daughter Polly.

Amy, who welcomed her first child back in April, was criticised by concerned mums after she revealed she would be weaning her baby daughter early despite it being suggested infants should be six-months-old before they are put onto solid foods.

Emily hit back at the “parenting police” and admitted she had the same criticism when she weaned her youngest Theo, nine-months, when he was the same age.

Emily defended Amy’s decision to wean her baby daughter ‘early’ (Credit: FameFlynet)

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Speaking in her OK! magazine column, the junior doctor, 28, said: “Poor Amy Childs has been criticised for weaning her four-month-old daughter Polly.

“I think the parenting police need to calm down because there are plenty of reasons why she may be doing it and it’s perfectly acceptable to wean a four-month-old with medical advice.”

The mum-of-two went on to explain that she and hubby Pete, 44, faced the same criticism with their youngest Theo.

She continued: “We had similar criticism when I weaned Theo at four months and we did it because he wasn’t gaining weight properly and doctors advised me to try it.

“It ended up transforming him and he became so much happier. There are certain signs to show a baby is ready to be weaned, and as long as you follow medical advice, you’re not doing anything wrong.”

Amy received backlash from her fans after choosing to wean her daughter at four-months (Credit: Instagram)

Former TOWIE star Amy came under fire after revealing to her Instagram fans that she would be putting little Polly onto solid foods.

Alongside a snap showing two Aptamil products, one baby rice and the other creamed porridge, Amy wrote: “Ok girls so here it goes!!!

“So I’m going to put Polly on baby rice, she seems to be getting so hungry. I was feeding her every 4 hours and now she is waking up in between wanting more food!

“I don’t know why but I still think she is so small to be having baby rice but I’m going to give it a try as they now say to put them on rice at four months.

“A lot of new mums told me not to wait until they’re six months [but] Polly is a very hungry baby 👶🏻.

“Any other mums nervous weening? I sure am 🙋🏼 will let you no how I get on 🙊 [sic].”

Fans slammed the star for putting her daughter on solid foods and claimed the infant should be six-months (Credit: Instagram)

Many of her followers hit out at the star saying that the NHS advises six months as the minimum age for weaning.

One wrote: “Baby rice has no nutritional value whatsoever. There’s a reason guidelines say six months!”

“There’s a massive growth spurt around four months. Weaning before six months can cause some issues later on in life,” another said.

A third wrote: “Weaning early is stupid!!! You need educating asap.”

One user added: “So irresponsible to even consider giving your child baby rice at her age, it basically has no nutritional value whatsoever.”

Amy welcomed Polly back in April (Credit: Instagram)

The official NHS advice on weaning reads: “You should start giving your baby solid foods, often called weaning, when they are around six months old.

“Health experts agree that this is the best age. Before this, your baby’s digestive system is not developed enough to cope with solid foods.”

Amy, 27, hit back at the critics in a separate post shortly after the backlash.

The reality star uploaded a post of weaning bowls and spoons.

Amy herself hit back at the parents who criticised her (Credit: Instagram)

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She wrote: “To all you mum police out there, Polly is now 4 months and ready for her porridge!

“I know my baby like all you mums know your babies… Polly is a very hungry baby and on the packet it even says 4-6 months.

“I have got so many haters commenting on my wall about weaning my baby…. I’m so excited but also so nervous to start weaning Polly! So mums out there no hate please.”

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