Peter Andre’s wife Emily reportedly unhappy with Katie Price’s latest comments

Emily takes a stand

Even though Katie Price and Peter Andre have been divorced for eight years now, she has made it very clear that she will always love him.

But of course Peter is now married to the beautiful Emily MacDonagh, so she must have something to say about this?

Katie opened up the audience on her tour (Credit: Flynet Pictures)

While Katie was on her tour An Audience With Katie Price, it has been reported that she told the crowd in Preston, Lancashire, that Peter is the “love of my life”.

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She also said they were “obsessed” with each other when they were in a relationship.

She said to the audience: “I never thought going on that show [I’m A Celeb] I’d meet the love of my life but, as soon as I saw him I thought, ‘bloody hell, I well fancy him’. I had that butterfly feeling.

Emily is furious with Katie’s comments (Credit: FameFlynet)

“He was the love of my life. I had two kids with him. I never wanted to split up with him, but we did, and that’s that.

“It was love, we were obsessed with each other – obsessed. I’ve never had a relationship like that before. We went everywhere together, did everything together.

“We just wanted to be together all the time, and we were. Some people can’t be together 24 hours but we could.”

Her comments have unsurprisingly ruffled Emily’s feathers, and a friend has said she is “furious”.

Peter and Emily are happily married (Credit: Instagram)

They told Reveal magazine: “Emily’s not happy and has labelled Katie a serial meddler. She thinks Katie is trying to undo the nuts and bolts of her secure marriage in a quest to ruin it.

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“After hearing what she said at her performance in Preston, Emily was furious and told Pete she’s sick of standing by while Katie cashes in on him and their kids.

“She thinks she’s an embarrassment to him and to them as a family.”

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