Peter Andre’s wife Emily hits out at critics of couple’s age gap

The mum of two stays off social media to avoid the negativity

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Peter Andre’s second wife Emily MacDonagh seems like a very cool, calm, collected woman – she is a doctor, after all.

But everyone has their limit, and the mum-of-two has had enough of critics who think it’s okay to pass judgment on her relationship.

There is a 16-year age gap between her and her singer husband – and some people just have to comment on it.

“I find it hard when people say I’m too young for him,” Emily, 27, has now admitted.

“My skin is not thick enough and I find it very upsetting.”

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“I don’t have social media because otherwise you’re opening yourself up to that criticism.”

The couple met through Emily’s doctor father when she was a 20-year-old medical student. Peter was being treated in hospital for kidney stones – and Emily’s dad provided his treatment.

Peter, 44, has previously dismissed the age gap as “irrelevant”.

“As far as we’re concerned, we’re just two people who like the same things,” he said. “Every couple has their good and bad moments, of course, but we have so much common ground and love being together.

“And she is a very mature, smart girl with a good head on her shoulders.

“I don’t know whether it works because I’m very immature and she’s mature!”

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The couple, who have children Amelia, three, and Theo, five months, married in 2015. Peter has described Emily as “the love of my life”.

He also has children Junior, 11, and Princess, nine, from his previous relationship with Katie Price.

Emily also revealed in an interview with OK! magazine that baby Theo had to undergo a tongue-tie operation. “I didn’t pick up on it and I’m a doctor,” she said.

“When they’re yours, you don’t look at them as a patient. Pete and I were both crying when Theo had his operation. It was really traumatic.”

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