Peter Andre’s wife Emily grows flustered as she discusses pregnancy on Lorraine

She was on the show to talk about natural childbirth

Peter Andre’s wife Emily MacDonagh appeared on Lorraine this morning to talk about giving birth to her second child with the singer, Theo.

But during the course of the conversation when discussing having a third child, Emily got a little flustered as she insisted she wasn’t pregnant.

Emily also admitted she “felt like I’d let him down” when she found out she would have to have Theo by cesarean rather than natural labour.

Lorraine was talking with Emily about natural childbirth (Credit: ITV)

Lorraine asked her about her first birth with Milly being “textbook”.

“It was, if anything it was so easy,” Emily replied. “It was so quick and easy and I was just so happy with how it went and I expected that to happen with Theo and it didn’t.

“The birth itself was fine, but he was breech, so I’d planned to have a natural labour and obviously I couldn’t, so it was a planned cesarean in the end which I didn’t expect.”

“How did you feel about it?” asked Lorraine.

“I felt disappointed, I felt like I’d let him down.

“It is more risky having a cesarean than a natural birth so I felt very worried about him and obviously I looked into risks and worried myself more than I should have done.”

Emily said she was more worried as she’d seen what could happen (Credit: ITV)

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The 28-year-old admitted that being a doctor perhaps didn’t help because she’d seen “all the worst case scenarios” and was more concerned than she could have been.

She continued: “The cesarean was fine, the recovery was really hard, harder than I thought it would be.

“In terms of the pain, and I struggled with the breastfeeding, and not being able to drive, silly things when you’re a new mum. It takes about six weeks.

“Luckily I had Pete who really looked after me, he’s fantastic, you’ve got two people who need looking after: mum and baby.”

Pete recently shared this gorgeous pic of Emily, Milly and Theo (Credit: Instagram)

Lorraine then brought up the subject of more children in the future, saying: “Everything is fine, you’re okay and should you want to have more, you can?”

“Absolutely,” Emily replied emphatically, and then revealed if there was a choice, she would rather try for a natural birth again.

“I think because I know I can do it with a natural delivery and I did it so quickly and easily with Milly that for me I’d like to try and have a natural birth next time.

“I say next time, I’m not…” she quickly insisted with a concerned look on her face.

Emily tried to backtrack over a possible third pregnancy (Credit: ITV)

Lorraine cut in: “You don’t know, who knows what might happen!”

Emily beamed at her words – do we detect a knowing smile? Or is that just wishful thinking on our part for another gorgeous Andre child?

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Writing in her OK! magazine column, this week, Emily revealed that Kate Middleton’s pregnancy had made her “broody”.

She said: “News that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her third child has put me in a good mood all week.

“I have to admit it’s also made me quite broody!” before adding: “I’ve always been about a year behind Kate with my pregnancies, so if that was to continue, I’d be having another baby in 2019.

“I’m not sure that’s going to happen as I need to get settled back into work first, but never say never when it comes to having more children. Don’t tell Pete!”

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