Peter Andre’s wife Emily delays more babies after traumatic birth

Mum-of-two couldn't deliver naturally as little Theo was breech

How amazing it would be to have Peter Andre as a husband.

He sure loves his kids, we all know that. But he REALLY knows how to look after his missus, too.

The Aussie heartthrob is always boasting about how beautiful and clever Emily is – and rightly so.

And he couldn’t wait to tell the world how proud he was of the 27-year-old after she gave birth to their second child last November.

Now he has revealed that he bought her a special push present to say thank you for bringing another baby into their world.

Emily had a particularly tough time as the tot was breech, meaning she couldn’t deliver naturally.

“I wanted to buy Emily a present for giving me our beautiful son, so I bought her a diamond-encrusted Gucci watch,” he revealed in his weekly column for New! magazine.

He added: “When I gave it to her, I told her, ‘You better love me now!’”

We doubt she needed a fancy gift to love him any more than she already does! We wouldn’t have turned it down though.

Emily and Peter welcomed Theo – his fourth child – on November 22.

Peter is already dad to son Junior, 11, and daughter Princess, nine, from his prior marriage to Katie Price, as well as his daughter, Amelia, two, with wife Emily.

Opening up on the trauma of the birth, the singer explained: “[Emily] had to have a C-section because he was breech, which meant it was too dangerous for her to give birth naturally like she’d planned.”

They have put plans for more babies on hold.

“I was asked if I’d like her to be pregnant again by the end of 2017, but I’d rather it be sooner,” Pete writes, adding: “But she’s just gone through a major op, so that’s the last thing she’s thinking about.”

For now the couple are enjoying their newly expanded brood.

Junior has taken to big brother duties like a natural.

And a new baby in the house hasn’t dampened their party spirit.

With Junior and Princess staying at Dad’s house for New Year, they threw a Hawaii-themed party.

And Theo was centre of attraction. Aww.