Peter Andre’s missus admits what she doesn’t like about his appearance…

She's prefer him to ditch the Botox

You’d be forgiven for thinking Peter Andre’s face was pretty much perfect, and couldn’t be improved.

One person who doesn’t agree is Peter himself! The 44-year-old singer has been revealed to be a fan of Botox to keep him looking youthful.

He says he often takes trips to a clinic for a course of the needle treatment, which blocks signals from facial nerves to muscles to stop wrinkles appearing.

He told OK! Magazine: “Yes, I have what I call baby Botox, so you have a minimal dose. I do it from time to time; the last time was about three months ago.”

However, Pete’s wife Emily isn’t such a big fan of the treatment.

She reckons Peter looks top notch without it, but understands the confidence boost it gives her husband.

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In the same interview, she said: “I prefer him without. He’s got a very expressive face and I think it changes his face from the way I know him.

“I’d prefer if he didn’t have it done, but I want him to be happy and I think he looks great either way.”

Being in the public eye, image is all-important, but the down-to-earth couple still try and set a good example for their children.

Talking about Pete’s daughter Princess (with former wife Katie Price), Emily said: “We try to make sure she doesn’t focus on looks, which is hard as I think a lot of society is focused on how you look.”

And Pete added: “I think it’s good to put honest photos out there as well as the filtered ones. If people meet you in really life and think you don’t look like your pictures, that’s not great.”

Peter’s also been in the news recently due to his long-forgotten dalliance with I’m A Celebrity star Rebekah Vardy.

Reports of their fling hit the papers again while Becky was in the jungle, having been dug out from way back in 2001.

And according to reports, at the I’m A Celeb wrap party, Becky was having a right boogie down when Pete’s biggest hit, Mysterious Girl came on!

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She’s reported to have grinned to campmate Vanessa White that the tune was her “favourite song of all time” – cheeky!

We like the song as much as the next celebrity entertainment website, Becky, but best of all time? That’s going some!

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