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Junior Andre refusing to spend time with his family, admits Pete

He's too cool for them!

You’d think being a celebrity would automatically make you cool, but apparently nobody told Junior Andre.

Peter Andre has opened up about how his oldest child recently refused to join him on a day out because “he’s too cool” now he’s a teenager.

Junior Andre in Florida
Junior’s getting cooler by the minute (Credit: peterandre Instagram)

Speaking in his weekly new! magazine column, the singer explained how he and his wife Emily MacDonagh were at a farm in Taunton, Somerset, along with children Princess, Amelia and Theo.

He said: “Now that Junior’s a teenager, he’s too cool to come to the farm with his dad, so he stayed with a mate!”

Junior and Princess Andre
Junior and Princess are Pete’s kids from his first marriage to Katie Price (credit: peterandre Instagram)

Junior, 13, has been living with Pete, 45, since June, while his mum, Katie Price got her life back on track.

He and his little sister, Princess, 11, were reunited with their mum after she left rehab, but are still staying at Pete’s for now.

Junior is now officially a teenager (credit: peterandre Instagram)

In another recent column the Australian star moaned about how Junior was teasing him for having grey hair, calling his son: “Such a little goon!” and adding: “Junior’s rapping is coming along well, but I wish he’d spend more time on homework or writing songs and learning lyrics rather than playing on his Playstation. He’s obsessed!”

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The singer also hinted at his children’s teen tendencies on Instagram this week, sharing a funny meme on Monday, with the caption: “My kid when I tell them they’ve had enough screen time”, alongside an outraged reaction video.

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His 983k followers agreed wholeheartedly, with one commenting: “Totally true! Mine too! 🙄.”

Another wrote: “Yes yes yes my son exactly.”

A third added simply: “Every. Single. Day. 🙄 🙄.”

Peter Andre with son Junior and daughter Princess
Peter is no longer cool in the eyes of his oldest kids (credit: peterandre Instagram)

Thankfully, it seems the Mysterious Girl’s youngest, Theo, two, is still a daddy’s boy and is even making Pete broody (again).

He says in his column: “Theo’s at such a cute age, but it’s definitely not making me broody for more kids… well, maybe it is!

Pete’s two smallest children with Emily are still cute though (credit: peterandre Instagram)

“If Emily and I were to have another child, it would be our last. I wouldn’t mind what sex it is.”

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Oi, Junior? Back in the nineties, Pete was the epitome of cool, OK? Remember those curtains… oh wait, never mind.

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