Peter Andre vows to work in Tesco with Jason Manford to help out in coronavirus crisis

Pete's vowed to join him if Jason gets a job

TV’s Peter Andre has vowed to get a job at Tesco with Jason Manford so they can both help out during the coronavirus crisis.

Peter Andre says he’ll work in Tesco if Jason Manford does (Credit:

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Jason revealed yesterday that his application to be a ‘customer assistant’ at the Tesco Wilmslow branch has been turned down.

Sharing Jason’s Instagram post about the role, Pete said he’d be up for job too if the supermarket changes its mind.

He wrote: “Jason if you get in I’ll do it too with you. Deal?”

Pete shared Jason’s Instagram (Credit: Instagram)

Posting his rejection email to Instagram yesterday (May 5) Jason wrote: “Absolutely livid Tesco.

“I was only trying to do my bit. I hope the better person got and enjoys the job, I’ll be watching.”

In a follow up post, Jason clarified he signed up to the supermarket to “help out” during the crisis.

Jason had his application to Tesco turned down (Credit:

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What did Jason say?

He wrote: “A few people thought I was taking the [expletive], being insensitive or making it up about my previous message about being turned down for a job as a Tesco driver.

“I applied 7 weeks ago when I thought, like everyone, it was basically wartime and it would require all hands on deck.

“‘Curtains’ got cancelled on the 16th & I applied on the 21st for quite a few jobs).

“I have since managed to fill my ‘spare time’ doing some volunteer driving (this is not ‘virtue signalling’, just defending myself!)

“And homeschooling 6 kids (and doing our little quizzes and kids’ comedy clubs!).

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“At the same time I also don’t believe ‘we’re all this together’.

“I’m more aware than ever the differences in society.

“Chatting to some of the people I’ve driven the last few weeks has only highlighted how hard the lockdown has been for people with less money and space.

“I feel extremely fortunate.

Jason applied to Tesco to help out (Credit:

“Hope you’re all keeping safe and being kind to yourself and to others.”

Pete’s lockdown life

Pete has also been keeping himself busy during lockdown.

He’s been taking charge of the housework and kids while wife Emily MacDonagh works on the NHS frontline.

Pete recently revealed he felt Emily was ‘dodging bullets’ on the NHS frontline and that key workers are ‘fighting a war without bullets’.

He added to The Sun: “She deserves so much more than just a home-cooked meal, but that’s the one thing I can contribute, that and looking after the kids.”

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