Peter andre mysterious girl

Peter Andre wants to record a new version of his hit single Mysterious Girl

Will he remake that video, though?

Mysterious Girl singer Peter Andre wants to re-record a new version of his hit song.

The 47-year-old singer’s 1995 single remains his biggest hit and, because it’s still popular today, he’d love to give the track a new “lease of life”.

He said he wants to record and remix a new version of the reggae-influenced tune.

And, if Pete also decides to re-make the video – in which he whips off his top – we’re sure his fans will be on board with the idea!

Peter Andre wants to grab the mic and re-record Mysterious Girl (Credit: Splash News)

Why does Peter Andre want to re-record Mysterious Girl?

Pete told New!: “Somehow Mysterious Girl has made it into the top 10 of best pop songs of all time [in New Zealand]. That’s just fantastic! When you’ve got a song you’re known for, it’s a really cool thing and I’m still really proud of it.”

Pete added: “The kids love it too. Maybe I need to make a more current version of my most famous hit. I want a bashment, dancehall-style remix. It deserves a new lease of life.”

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Peter also recently admitted he is postponing his retirement plans.

The singer had previously planned to bow out when he reached his milestone 50th birthday in 2023.

However, he has now decided to work on for another five years because he’s got a new “hunger” for acting.

Peter andre mysterious girl
Pete showed off his six pack in the song’s original video (Credit: YouTube)

He said: “I’ve got my US visa approved and I’m desperate to go. I jokingly said I was going to retire at 50, but I’ve found this new hunger for songwriting and acting, so I’ve added another five years on.”

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Meanwhile, Peter previously revealed he doesn’t want to “put the effort in” to get his six-pack back.

Will he get the six pack back?

The singer was known for his rippled abs in the 1990s and, although he tries to stay in good shape, he’d rather allow himself some indulgences than stick to a strict diet.

Pete says his kids love the song (Credit: Splash News)

He said that, although he still trains “quite a lot” and is in “reasonably good shape”, he always tells himself he wants to be a month to six weeks away from getting back the full six pack.

He has said he isn’t sure he wants to “put the effort in” and be really strict, unless it’s for a new calendar.

With his plans to re-record Mysterious Girl and perhaps recreate that video, we suspect Pete might have found some new motivation.

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