Peter Andre reveals wife Emily’s career move

He's probably pretty handy with a nappy by now

There’s no rest for the wicked it would seem, especially as Peter Andre’s wife Emily’s maternity leave has already come to an end.

It seems like just five minutes ago the junior doctor gave birth to her and Pete’s baby, Theo – but it was actually more than a year ago!

Now that little Theo has turned one, it’s time for Emily to get back to work.

And, as Pete revealed in his latest column for new! magazine, that means some changes in the Andre household.

He wrote: “Emily starts back at work this week and I’m buzzing for her.”

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“She was always going back and I guess it was difficult when people questioned her on giving up her career now she’s married to me.

“She had a well-justified maternity leave and now she’s ready to go back.”

Pete also discussed how a shake-up of parenting might end up being good for the family overall.

He said: “Theo’s still clingy, but I think Ems working again will be good for him.

“Plus, I think the roles will reverse now for December and I can’t wait to hold the fort.”

Pete and Emily are very private when it comes to sharing images of their children – daughter Amelia, and Theo.

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But Pete uploaded a sweet video of Theo on his first birthday, having a groove to an Ed Sheeran track.

Pete, 44, captioned the video: “Dancing before he can walk” and tagged Ed in to have a look.

So cute! And if you need any hand babysitting Pete, just give us a shout. We’re happy to help any time, provided you buy the pizza.

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