Peter Andre reveals painful reason why he won’t style his hair naturally

Bullying in childhood affects him to this day

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Reality fave Peter Andre revealed he suffered racist abuse from a teacher while growing up in Australia and it’s had an impact on his HAIR.

The 47-year-old star – who has Cypriot heritage – has opened up about the cruel bullying he dealt with as a child, and which included being physically assaulted by other pupils.

Peter Andre (YouTube/The Sun)
Peter Andre spoke about bullying and his hair on his new online show (Credit: YouTube/The Sun)

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Peter Andre talks racism

Speaking on Life With The Andres on The Sun newspaper’s YouTube channel, he said: “We suffered racism bad as kids and called greasy [bleep]. I was beaten quite a few times from kids at the school.”

Peter also recalled the moment he saw a teacher years later, and the man – who used a slur against him at school – said he was “so proud” of the reality star’s career.

The problem is, you’ve got some people that have an in built hatred for cultures.

He added: “Even one of the teachers at school that used to call me a greasy [bleep], I saw him years later.

“He was like, ‘Ah mate, I’m so proud of you.’ And I was like, ‘Of course, don’t worry about it.’ ”

Peter commented on the issues with racism in society, and admitted he even styles his hair in a certain way to avoid reminding himself of the abuse he suffered.

Peter Andre was called names because of his heritage (Credit: YouTube/The Sun)

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He explained: “The problem is, you’ve got some people that have an in built hatred for cultures.

“To this day, I do not wear my hair curly. Purely because every time I look in the mirror, I see what those kids used to call me.

“Even now, at 47 years old – you think I’d be over it.”

Peter Andre on being bullied

Peter previously opened up on the moment he realised he was “finished” at school with teachers and other children “picking on” him.

He said: “I remember going up to the teacher and he said, ‘What do you want?’ I said, ‘I’m going to be in your class next year.

“He said, ‘Yeah, I’ve never had a greasy [bleep] in my class. Greasy [bleep] don’t do well in my class. You’re going to sit up the back, right?’

“Now instantly, I knew then, I was finished. I had the kids at school picking on me, the teachers picking on me.”

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